I know that I really want an angelfish, so I'm wondering on tankmates. They also get large and are demanding with respect to water quality and other parameters. If you do have a fairly large tank then the two can become friends, if not it may be best to go with another compatible tank mate. I am using seed material from my cycled tank to cycle the 29 gallon. The anglerfish my Petco sells are very tiny, so if I did get one it would grow up with the others, and the angel would be the very last fish I would get. Yeah I would get a small angelfish and some tetras, and a dwarf gourami. Care level: Moderate Platies are mainly omnivores but will also eat brine shrimp and bloodworms like the angelfish. Creating a betta sorority in a 29 gallon tank. If you don't plan on having space available I would recomend 6 max and you will need places for the less agressive to hide. http://small-pets.lovetoknow.com/fish/10-facts-about-angelfish Home About Contact Privacy Policy © 2019 All Rights Reserved. Part of keeping the tank clean also means keeping it in optimal shape for angelfish and its tank mates. If you’re thinking about buying an angelfish you should know the facts so that you can weed out the fiction. The best tank mates for angelfish are peaceful, non-aggressive species which will live in harmony with your angelfishes. The algae alone is not enough to sustain them. Seeing that angelfish are prone to ick, the cleanliness of the tank is a high priority. Temperature range: 72-86 degrees Fahrenheit Many people choose them because they are beautiful fish and are mainly low maintenance. Since they like different parts of the tank the chances of them getting in each other’s way is slim. Lol. These tiny fish can also end up to be dinner rather than a dinner date for the angelfish. So i really was just wondering what other peoples experiences had been with keeping angelfish and what size tanks they had. I currently have otocinclus, dainty cories and glofish tetras in my 15 gallon. This is hardly seen in captivity but is something to be aware of just in case your angelfish has a growth spurt that never ends. Keeping angelfish involves additional challenges, and mature angelfish are not ideal tankmates. These easy-to-care-for peaceful fish just want to live each day swimming in the tank. And they usually occupy the lower region of the tank. pH range: 7-8.2. In order to prevent an attack, keep these fish away from one another. I would just shy away from multiple, or keeping another fish that could threaten them like an aggressive fish, or notorious fin nippers. Angel fish in a 29 gallon tank. I have a 29 gallon tank and 2 koi fish. I was just wondering about angelfish and cichlids because I have no experience with those types of fish. Each fish can have its own space but still co-exist quite nicely. RainBetta. Platies are great beginner fish because they’re so easy to care for and can survive in most conditions. If I am to establish a complete reef system in a 29 gallon and furnish a pair of Cherub Angelfish which will be ONE male and ONE female mate! Conclusion. Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on: Care level: Easy For more information, please read our disclaimer. The Common Pleco is known as a bottom-feeding catfish. k so i got a 29 gallon tank and i thought Angelfish were relly cool i was wondering how many i can put in a 29 and if i can still put some smaller fish in there with them and if so what kinds of fish would u put in a 29 gallon XD i would love some suggestions . I have a tank cycling question.

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