Need any help in the new AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam preparation? Interview Preparation Java 17. Your organization has an AWS setup and planning to build Single Sign-On for users to authenticate with on-premise Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and let users log in to AWS console using AWS STS Enterprise Identity Federation. However, the application’s performance is impacted. Option​ ​A ​is​ ​incorrect:​ This option may increase the throughput however it does not store cache. Make a copy of the snapshot with the encryption option selected and CreateImage using the encrypted snapshot. When you use Amazon SES to receive mail, you can develop software solutions such as email autoresponders, email unsubscribe systems and applications that generate customer support tickets from incoming emails. Check out the list of the Best Books for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Exam now! Option​ ​D ​is​ ​incorrect:​ Because products in AWS Marketplace are not cost-effective. B. However, email sending getting failed. We at Whizlabs are aimed to prepare you for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam (SAA-C02). Use Instance metadata for shell scripts. The certification names are the trademarks of their respective owners. Free AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam Questions, Option​ ​D ​is​ CORRECT:​ Check the AWS Global Accelerator use cases in,, The Lustre file system is an open-source, parallel file system that can be used for HPC applications. Includes questions types found on actual exam such as drag and … C. Source bucket has a policy with DENY and role used for replication is not excluded from DENY. The traffic of the application is predictable. © Copyright 2020. Check the differences between EFAs and ENAs in Option B is not correct. C. You cannot add/delete routes when associated with the subnet. Our Free AWS-Solutions-Architect-Professional PDF dumps are based on the full AWS-Solutions-Architect-Professional mock exams which are available on our Web Site. You will be launching and terminating EC2 instances on need basis for your workloads. <>>> So, check out our previous blog on AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam Preparation. Please check this –, Apart from this, if you have any doubt, please write here – B. AWS SES is in sandbox mode by default which can send emails only to verified email addresses. What would AWS Database service you recommend? The queue size may change greatly depending on the number of incoming messages and backend processing speed. Whizlabs Education INC. All Rights Reserved. AWS Snow Family – AWS Snowcone, Snowball & Snowmobile. Your company has a successful web application deployed in an AWS Auto Scaling group. Providing guidance for the implementation on the basis of best practices to the organization over the project lifecycle. A. AWS S3 bucket is in the different region than your VPC. When an object is uploaded, an event notification is sent to an SQS queue with the object details. What could have caused this? For option A, Cross region replication cannot be enabled without enabling versioning. The Global Accelerator service can improve both application performance and availability. A. Configure a scheduled CloudWatch event rule to launch/terminate instances at the specified time every week. So, here we’ve presented 20 Free AWS Solutions Architect exam questions for the Associate-level exam. B. i am understand to practice exam is almost 50% confendcy but questions is one or two and three times read and me get the answer.20 questions is schedule me attend to 10 to 14 questions is i get answer so what is improve to my carrier. Your company has an online game application deployed in an Auto Scaling group. Not with an error “403 access denied”. B. CIDR blocks of both VPCs might be overlapping. Which of the following is not a category in AWS Trusted Advisor service checks? Option​ ​A ​is​ CORRECT:​ The Cluster placement strategy can improve network performance among EC2 instances. You need to plan the scaling actions for the Auto Scaling group. Option​ ​A ​is​ ​incorrect:​ Because DataSync is a tool to automate the data transfer and does not help to improve the performance. Free Amazon Exam Dumps & Update Exam Questions To Pass Your Amazon Certification Exams Fast From PrepAway. Which of the following are not backup and restore solutions provided by AWS? CloudFront is able to store the frequently accessed content as a cache and the performance is optimized. Which of the following options will allow performing any tasks during launch? Once the snapshot is created, you can copy the snapshot where you can make the new snapshot encrypted. endobj D. AWS RDS is a managed service and the data at rest in all RDS instances are encrypted by default. You host a static website in an S3 bucket and there are global clients from multiple regions. Before that, you can take the new AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate beta exam. Add a new route to enable delete option on existing routes. Your manager asks you how to improve the performance and availability of the application. Option A is not correct. Option B, AWS Storage Gateway provides multiple solutions for backup & recovery. There is an option to do that under “Add Storage”. If there ARE then Wizlabs questions are completely wrong in complexity and format for the CSAA exam! AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional Questions & Answers. For example, you can send marketing emails such as special offers, transactional emails such as order confirmations, and other types of correspondence such as newsletters. 3 0 obj This free AWS practice quiz consists of 20 questions with a mix of questions on core AWS services, including EC2, VPC and EMR. D. Configure a scheduled action in the Auto Scaling group by specifying the recurrence, start/end time, capacities, etc. However, one of the target EC2 instance is showing Unhealthy status. Application admin was tasked to perform AWS setup required to spin EC2 instance inside an existing private VPC. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Explanation: AWS Lambda is not supported directly as the CloudFront origin. B. The Amazon AWS-Solutions-Architect-Professional PDF consists in questions and answers with detailed explanations. The application you are developing involves sending traffic to AWS S3 bucket from VPC for which you planned to use a similar approach. If you’ve already passed the AWS CSAA exam and now preparing for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam, check out Free AWS CSAP Exam Questions. Very informative and good reference materiel for exam preparation. Option​ ​B ​is​ CORRECT:​ Because EFA is the most suitable method for accelerating High-Performance Computing (HPC) and machine learning application. This is THE practice exams course to give you the winning edge.. Which of the following AWS services would you recommend? Check the differences between EFAs and ENAs in,, In this scenario, the SQS queue is used to store the object details which is a highly scalable and reliable service. Sorry but are you sure these questions are from the CSAA exam? Due to security compliance, your organization wants to encrypt all the databases and storage on the cloud. How would you configure this? Please note that unlike the real AWS Solutions Architect exam, this free sample quiz is not timed – so you can take as much time as required to answer each question. When creating new EC2 instance from predefined images, you can’t choose root volume encryption. This enables instances in your private subnets to communicate with the internet. Incoming traffic is distributed across endpoints in AWS regions. A. You are now able to encrypt the root volume at launch time. Which of the following could be a reason? An internet gateway is an AWS component which sits outside of your VPC does not consume any resources from your VPC. You have created a new route table, added route to VPC endpoint and associated route table with your new subnet. Other options may help on the performance however they do not store cache for the S3 objects. The reference is in Option​ ​C ​is​ ​incorrect:​ Because AWS Lake Formation is used to manage a large amount of data in AWS which would not help in this situation. You … The question states “403 access denied”. The performance and availability of the application are improved. 14. Certification Preparation Just wondering if this still actual and reflect the update version of CSA Associate ?

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