SC. Perfect 5th – The 5th note of the scale is F. Major 6th – The 6th note of the scale is G. Major 7th – The 7th note is A. SC. intermediate. and stars! In this video series, watch as professional violinist Jason Salmon teaches you how to play scales on a violin in B flat. Db Major 3 Octave Scale Viola. Eb Major 3 Octave Viola. Our Scales and arpeggios are ordered pedagogically to provide a strong foundation for the viola repertoire of each grade. What are the notes like just tell me the letters. Improve your music theory and violin playing technique with the help of these instructional videos. Using the information from the first position viola fingering chart above, play this C major scale. Part 1 of 16 - How to Play a B-flat major on the violin. SC. beginner. Major 2nd – The 2nd note of the scale is C. Major 3rd – The 3rd note of the scale is D. Perfect 4th – The 4th note of the scale is Eb. Play the C major scale. Their goal is to gradually develop a thorough understanding of scale and arpeggio playing on the viola. SC. Lully Gavotte Exercises Viola. beginner. D Major 3 Octave Scale LS Viola. Next is the Orange D, play it on the fourth (4) string with the one (1) finger.Use the colors, note names and numbers to play the rest of the notes in the scale. From left to right, start with the Yellow C on the open fourth (4) string. These Scales and Arpeggios for Viola consist in a graded system for young violists. Check out our tips and tricks for beginners to learn the best techniques for learning to play the viola, learn more about various sizes of viola, tips on caring for your viola, and other resources from Amro to help you make the most of your viola.Are you looking to rent a viola, or do you want to purchase one of your own? C Major 3 Note Patterns Viola. Want to learn more about how to play the viola? G Major 1 Octave Viola. intermediate. advanced. SC. SC. Patterns. thanks soooo much. D Major 2 Octave Scale Viola. best answer=10 points! Tonic – The 1st note of the B-flat major scale is Bb. How to play the viola. intermediate. Parallel Key of B Major (or homonymous key) is B minor scale, here is the B harmonic minor scale : Leading Tone of B Major The leading Tone of B Major is A sharp , because A sharp is the degree VII and is distant to a seventh major of the tonic, or an half step (semitone ) lower than the tonic).

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