He didn’t want to from the start why want to know. Hi, Alex. Now after a blood test he was found not the father. In cases where a court-ordered test is ignored, many courts automatically rule against the alleged father if he doesn’t show up for testing. Alleged fathers can be deemed a custodial parent if he is married to the mother when the child was conceived or by court order. I had my doubts because I was away in November and December 2014 and when i told her, I was threatened by her family. There is another man involved within 2 weeks of sonogram confirmed conception date. My child is over a year old now, I have no father on the birth certificate it is just me on their. Hi, Angel. Hi, Ana. We also don't want him to pay child support. Will florida grant her the petition? Hi, Justin. Keep in mind, at this time the last time she saw him was when they conceived the child. In your case, you were married at the time your son was born, and so the law considers you to be his, legally. Ok i have custody of my daughter my wife adopted her well my ex just had the state take her other 3 kids away. I have tried to reach out to his mom/brothers on social media about getting a paternity test done just for my own sake but they refuse since they blame my mom for what happened to him. That is a question best answered by a family-law attorney in your area, since paternity law varies from state to state. My ex girlfriend got pregnant whilst we were still together and she told me the baby is mine, well I knew the baby is mine as I was counting the months and I knew when the baby will be born, when the baby was born exactly the month I had counted, my job transferred me to another province and we started having arguements because of the distance, now she says the child is not mine and than she changes and says they don’t need me, so I asked her for a paternity test and she refused, the child is 4 years old now and she doesn’t want me to see my child nor give me proof that the child is indeed not mine, please help me what do I do in this case. Hi, Morgan. My advice is that you should talk to a family-law attorney right away! This lady has went through the courts to get a DNA so she can get child support…can he refuse to give his DNA ? If the court deems you have a case, then you can. I don’t care about child support and honestly don’t trust this other guy to have him even for visitation bc he seems dangerous with his temper and drug use. His family won’t participate in a dna test. He’s not on the birth certificate and has no legal rights. I have been ordered to take a DNA test that I do not want to take. Has she actually taken you to court or is she just sending you the paperwork hoping he’ll agree without a test? Hi, JM. Along with her divorce complaint she is asking for a dna test and that my rights to my daughter be terminated upon recieving the results. It may be best answered by a family-law attorney in your area. That is a question for a family-law attorney in your area. The guy that signed my almost 4 month olds birth certificate may not be her father. Of course, if this ends up in court, get yourself a good lawyer. In this case, the court will often order the alleged father take a paternity test. I slept with a girl in 2012. Hi, Hailey. Every court is different and every state has different guidelines it sets for whether or not there is a legitimate claim for paternity. Even if the child in question is an adult, the court may deem it advisable to order a DNA test due to possible death-benefits for the child. If I don’t comply with the establishment of paternity cuz I know he is my baby’s father and he also knows 100 percent he’s the father and is incarcerated so couldnt be put on birth certificate that’s why they establishing paternity and hes on SSI what’s the worst that can happen ..will they just cut my food and cash benefits or would I get arrested for not doing it..he wanna sign it when he gets out. He was on drugs and drinking all the time and getting locked up.. he’s crazy. Am I able to refuse this? But because my husband needs to finish a schooling program and still needs to work, he is still in the USA while I have taken our three children. Hi, Clint. Congratulations on your new baby! Keep in mind that in most states, a possible father can only contest paternity if he does so within a specific time frame, so, if a woman refuses a paternity test, it’s extremely important for any man who questions paternity to request a test before the baby’s born or as soon as possible afterwards. My son is 11 my boyfriend signed his birth certificate and has been paying child support for 6 years and co parenting for 11 years. Hi, Vusumuzi. Hi, Doyle. 12 hours before they were supposed to take the test the child changed his mind. But can he make my son take the paternity test even though he is an adult? That is a question best answered by a family-law attorney who has first-hand knowledge of the case, Penelope. Keep in mind that, because she was still married to her husband at the time the baby was conceived, her husband is considered the legal father of the child. My husband and I are determined to do everything in our power not to allow the perpetrator any hold on our family. Turns out he is biologicaly his. Can the court grant custody without paternity test? Will the judge side with me since he’s abusive and illegally older? We have now been together for about 9 years. My husband received a message today from a girl he had relations with. Hi, Lutho. If you don’t agree to test, the court may name you the legal father even if you’re not. Your son doesn’t have to consent to a paternity test unless the man gets a court order. If the mother refuses Chances are good the court will automatically order that, because paternity has not been definitively established, she is not entitled to receive child support from the alleged father. Good luck! Can a mother refuse a Court-Ordered Paternity Test? If there is already a father on the BC and I was deceived in 2015, do I have any recourse. If a woman has claimed that someone else as a father but now they’ve broken up and now she’s claiming someone else as a father and when the baby was firstborn the other possible father did try to reach out but she denied it could he denied taking a test for DNA. If the court requires the mother to take the test, and the mother refuses, paternity will not … But honestly I think it’s just bc he wants to be in my life. How to Get a Court-Ordered Paternity Test If the mother of the child refuses to sign the voluntary declaration of paternity, the father may have to file for an order of paternity from the court.

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