Here are some examples of the pattern you want for right-handed guitars. Stainless steel mounting screws included. The E/A is longer on the E string side, for more string clearance. Wilkinson Compensated Tele Bridge Brass Saddles. Fit the three new saddles through the same hole on the bottom of the bridge. The cover was often not used but was found to be handy as an ashtray instead! Who is the best acoustic guitarist of 2020? Plug into a tuner; let’s set the intonation. 4 hole option retrofits vintage Telecaster* mounting pattern utilizing 4 mounting holes. Compensated saddles are still one-saddle-per-two-strings but they’ll usually give you better intonation than regular, straight saddles. £4.26. These are DUAL-LOAD- string through the body or use it top mounted. This resolved the issue. this bridge is the day for originals night, theres no sides and corners dificulting playability... all positive on feel, quality ease of installation etc... Double-check that see-sawing the saddles didn’t upset your two E strings’ action setting at 12th fret just to be sure. A genius piece of work- three genuine BRASS saddles, cast in an ingenious compensated pattern- sitting on a solid stamped steel baseplate in classic Tele … Has good weight for added sustain plus the brass saddles. Wilkinson Telecaster Brass Saddle Set of 3 Compensated for Fender Tele Bridge. The not so obvious downside is that the three saddles have to share intonation points - the critical part which fine-tunes how in-tune your guitar is as you play up the neck. 6 Saddle bridge can be made for compatibility with these systems by selecting "Bender Ready". There are a few bridge types - brass saddles, threaded bar saddles, stainless steel and chromed saddles - and each has been argued to sound better than the six saddle Tele bridges. The ashtray bridge gets its name from an ornate cover that it was originally sold with - this masks the rather unsightly saddles and pickup; ever noticed how pretty the neck pickup is compared to the bridge one? im sounding trought pod HD500, this bridge kindda soften the very high end of my tele a little and/or adds mids, so appears rounder tone, at least thats the perception,this is good because is useful for distortion soloing... (im using Dimarzio Fast Track T bridge...) oh, and another good thing: this bridge allows me to use the same presets with eavy distortion that original bridge causes a lot of squeal... By With the two E strings set and in tune let’s use an under-string radius gauge to get the other strings set. Out with the old - these standard chromed saddles have now been superseded. With the tilt-compensated saddle, the 6th string sits too high on this guitar, even with the height … Don’t worry about the exact locations for the saddles yet. Your fretboard has a pre-determined curve that the saddle’s final height must mirror. Watch out for the spring and make sure it doesn’t fly out. Fix a fresh pack of strings on of your desired gauge. Almost gone. Raise up the centre saddles too high so they clear the gauge. Click here for an important COVID-19 Update: Laser cut stainless steel bridge is non-magnetic for more transparent tone in the bridge pickup position. The second telecaster bridge on our list is a genuine Fender … Compensated saddles have an intonation point preset into them to solve this problem. Best Fender bridge out there in my opinion. 4.5 out of 5 stars (63) 63 product ratings - Wilkinson Telecaster Brass Saddle Set of 3 Compensated for Fender Tele Bridge. Guyker In-Tune Guitar Compensated Saddles (Set of 3) – Brass Swivel Bridge Saddle Gotoh Wilkinso… Absolute top quality and incredible customer support. Works great on my '52 reissue telecaster. $11.39. The saddles are designed so that the ends of the saddles touch, it minimizes movement and helps with the overall sound. I have Rutters saddles on three tele's and a Rutters half bridge. We've got you covered. I had the old style saddles that can accommodate the ash tray. Wilkinson Compensated Brass Saddles Set (3) - 10.8mm Barrel-Style Bridge Saddle with Wrench for Fender Telecaster Tele Vintage Electric Guitar Replacement Part 4.7 out of 5 stars 87 $13.99 Jack Ellis If your chrome is worn through and ‘pitted’, you cannot clean that off; it needs replacing. The edges are designed to touch at the top and not at the bottom. I like just using a $ 12 Fender plate and the simple compensated Fender saddles one can get through Darren Riley. Be careful not to scratch the guitar’s top with your screwdriver... the bolt is right next to it. A damp cloth or blue roll is fine for this. 4 hole option retrofits vintage Telecaster* mounting pattern utilizing 4 mounting holes. The simple answer is less moving parts means more of the strings’ vibration is transferred to the body, improving sustain. Play a harmonic at 12th fret then compare it to the fretted note at 12th fret. Looking to switch up the tone of your Telecaster®? Now the saddles are out it’s an ideal opportunity to get a-scrubbin’. Tune-O-Matic Bridge w/ Roller Saddles for Epiphone Les Paul, SG, ES, Dot. Compensated saddle bridge is automatically compatible with the. The top E and G strings are the furthest forward. Thank you very much hipshot for your fine products! Here’s the key: Reads flat = move forward = turn anti-clockwise. TB-5125 Vintage-style Compensated Saddle Bridge for Telecaster® from $40.00 Vintage style 3 saddle steel bridge for Tele®, tilt compensated saddles, 2-3/16" string spacing. (Total Guitar) 14 October 2019. The "Intone Cutting Edge" Compensated Saddles. Slowly drop each string down so that when you pluck each string it buzzes the same amount - this tells you they’re at a matched curve on the underside. 607-532-9404 Here’s how to install and set them, and how not to get confused on which damn way round they should be! Put stainless bridges on one of my Tele,s and my Strat the tone,sustain and string balance are second to none. £6.43. These brass saddles can be confusing to get in the right order! CLA EchoSphere: Waves’ free Black Friday VST plugin is a slap delay and plate reverb from Chris Lord-Alge. A genius piece of work- three genuine BRASS saddles, cast in an ingenious compensated pattern- sitting on a solid stamped steel baseplate in classic Tele style. 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