x] I realised that now. However, he comes in handy as a second player through the game's online co-op, supported by PC, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. to play co-op, you have to play dead space 3 Thank you. N_D_C_OutLaw. Carver isn't a selectable character on his own, as you'll be stuck playing as Clarke in the single player portion of Dead Space 3. Let's take an example first, we are 4 players with 2 PC and we want to play together whether it's co-op campaign or versus. 3/17/2019: Funny review I found while reading about Dead Space 3: beanyboy7: 2: 10/15 6:00PM: Co op missions Xbox: DaRealClownBaby: 1: 6/12 9:27AM: anyone still playing this game? Dead Space 3 Co-op: Are Two Heads Really Better Than One? Dead space 3's co op was supposed to play out differently, making both players see subtle differences and stuff and question if what each of them was seeing was real or not, but EA did what they do best, aka fuck it up royally because "fuck you we know best". The back of box lies because it shows "2 co-op" and it's in the green box indicating it isn't XBox Live. Where as most co-op games that require XBox Live are in the orange box with same label on back such as Battlefield 3. I have been advised by EA that there is probably a setting somewhere in the ini files that can manipulate this feature. #7. Make sure all PC's are connected to the same network (wired connections result in less latency), one of the computer will host the game with 2 players and the other will join in with 2 players so you will have a total of 4 players. Currently trying to find a way to control the Voice Chat feature in Co-Op. We explore the first four acts of Dead Space 3, and how adding another player does--or doesn't--affect the course of the adventure. Shame though, I was really looking forward to playing Dead Space with a friend. Sometimes a local co-op game doesn’t do the trick; maybe none of your friends are available to hang... 0 comments. Dead space 1 was originally going to have co op, but the devs didn't have time to do it so they shelved the idea. I understand and verified with EA Support that no in game options are available to do this. We are both new to this franchise. The PC gaming world can’t get enough of the first ... promoting teamwork and competition alike. ↑ 2.0 2.1 PC Gaming Surround Sound Round-up ↑ Dead Space 3 - Dead Space 3 Co-Op FAQ BourneJasonXixi: 14: 6/11 9:14AM: Help with gun parts: n1triplehfan: 1: 11/11 10:23PM

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