$$ - Moderate ($11-$25) DOMO Home muncieadmin 2020-04-21T04:11:35+00:00. Is this your restaurant? 2 Reviews 4901 Point Fosdick Dr NW Gig Harbor, WA 98335 (Map & Directions) Phone: (253) 851-0592. Phone: (850) 226-6412. 3 reviews. Yellow PagesTM, Walking Fingers & DesignTM, YP.caTM, YellowPages.caTM, Canada411TM, are trademarks of Yellow Pages Digital & Media Solutions Limited in Canada. All Rights Reserved. read more, Amazing coffee! Price Point Cuisine: Asian, Sushi, Japanese, Asian Fusion ... Great sushi! Grill, American, Sandwiches, Bar $$$ - Expensive ($25-$50) Amazing atmosphere. Distance: 0.01 miles, Sunset Grill ($) Share review. Smoothies, Vegetarian, Health, Tides Tavern ($$) At times slow service due to business of food truck.... Doesn’t taste very good, Baristas need an attitude adjustment.... Greek, Sandwiches Domo Sushi is a Missouri Fictitious Name filed on April 10, 2009. It’ll be one of the first places I hang out when all is safe.... included in the calculation of the average rating of 4.0 stars which is based on 4 total reviews. read more, I miss this place! All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Select a Rating! None of us wanted the same thing , obviously, but we all ordered what we wanted and in the end, all left there filled and extremely satisfied with what we … American, Burgers, Bar Think your friends might be familiar with this business? They offer great food and even better service. All rights reserved. Domo Sushi ($$) See 4 Reviews. Click to add your description here. read more. Smoothies, Vegetarian, Health Distance: 0.01 miles, Gyros At The Plaza ($) Consolidated reviews are Greek, Mediterranean Vietnamese, Tea, Smoothies, Juice, Ms Saigon ($) Copyright © 2020 Yellow Pages Digital & Media Solutions Limited. These younger gir... Start your review of Domo Sushi. Distance: 0.01 miles, Ikonos Real Greek Souvlaki ($$) super friendly,family run, clean facility highly recommend... New Style, Fast Served, Drive Thru Japanese Restaurant (765) 751-1111 ***New Domo is not a traditional Hibachi Restaurant used to be but now Domo is a fast served Japanese food restaurant with Drive-thru. Ask your friends on Facebook to see what they think. read more, Great food and great value. I wanted to take a moment to add this review for Domo Sushi. (rev 20201117.1150), Passer en français / Switch to French language, Sushi & Japanese Restaurants in Vancouver, Yellow Pages Digital & Media Solutions Limited. Copyright © 2005-2020 MenuPix, LLC - Logo and related marks are registered trademarks of MenuPix LLC. $$ read more, Last time I went to this bar the blonde bartender with blue eyes was too flirty with my HUSBAND, it made us both very uncomfortable! Welcome to Domo Japanese Kitchen & Sushi We are now open!!! Distance: 0.00 miles, Emerald City Smoothie ($) Tea, Vietnamese, Juice, Smoothies, Emerald City Smoothie ($) Domo Sushi - Vancouver - phone number, website, address & opening hours - BC - Japanese Restaurants, Sushi & Japanese Restaurants. This is a place that I visit at least once weekly since it's close to my job and in all honesty it's great. Wild Sockey Salmon with mixed green Salad,Vinaigrette, Fresh Seaweed marinated wl crab meat,Cucumber, Assorted Sashimi Served with miso and rice, Assorted Sashimi Served with 2miso and 2 rice, California roll wrapped with assorted fish, california roll wrapped with avocado and unagi, Crab and Prawn wrapped with avocadoCrab and Prawn wrapped with avocado, Prawn,Cucumber,avocado with crab meat,masago on top, Deep California cheese roll top with scallop & tobiko, Tempura Prawn Roll Top with Mango & coconut, scallop,Salmon,crab meat,Tuna,Avocado wrap with cucumber, Tempura Prawn,Avocado Top with Ebi & Unagi sauce, Tempura Yam Roll top with Crab meat,Avocado, crab,scallop,Avocado and Mayo with seared aibacore tuna, Avocado,Cucumber,Asparagus,Lettuce and carot,Spicy sauce, cream Cheese,smoked salmon,Cucumber,Avocado, scallop,Avocado and mayo topped wl smoked salmon, smoked salmon,cream cheese, Asparagus,crab,Eel,sauce, Tempura Prawn,Avocado,cream cheese & Mango topped in soybean sheet, smoked salmon wrapped over crab,cucumber & Mango, Avocado,Yams,Asparagus and Lettuce with Sauce, Lettuce,Mango,Avocado,cucumber,wrapped in a soybean sheet, Asparagus,Carrot,Avocado,Cucumber,wrapped in a soy bean sheet, Tempura Yams,Asparagus and Lettuce with sauce, Avocado,Yam tempura,cream topped with sauce, Vegetarian teriyaki on rice, Noodle,Vegetable roll,Salad, Chicken breast teriyaki on rice,Noodle,6pcs California Roll,Salad, Beef breast teriyaki on rice,Noodle,6pcs California roll,salad, salmon & Tuna nigiri,Noodle,6pcs California roll,salad, salmon & Tuna sashimi,Noodle,6pcs California roll,salad, Unagi on rice,Salmon & tuna sashimi 4pcs, 5pcs Dynamite roll, seaweed salad & miso soup, California roll,tuna roll,Cucumber roll & miso soup, California roll.Salmon roll,tuna roll & misco soup, California roll,| tuna, | salmon, | ebi & |snapper, Bc roll,| tuna, | salmon,| ebi & | snapper, Dynamite roll,| tuna,| salmon,| ebi & | Snapper, Dynamite roll,alaska roll,california roll, Spicy tuna roll,Spicy california roll & Spicy dynamite roll, Spicy tuna roll,spicy california roll & spicy dynamite roll, 2pcs tuna, 2pcs salmon sashimi,House roll,1pcs tuna, 1pcs salmon,1pcs ebi sushi, Asparagus roll,avocado & kappa roll,yam roll, 2pcs tuna |salmon roll |California roll2pcs Salmon |tuna roll |vancouver roll2pcs snapper |kappa roll for 2 or 3 people, |california roll |BC roll 2house roll|spicy tuna roll |tuna roll |dynamite roll|kappa roll |salmon roll |smoked salmon rollfor 3 or 4 people, 30pcs California roll & 15pcs dynamite roll, Sashimi & Roll,for 2 or 3 People5 pcs Salmon Sashimi 5 pcs Tuna Sashimi 5 pcs Dynamite Roll3 pcs Salmon Nigiri 3 Pcs Toro Nigiri 6 Pcs California Roll3 pcs Unagi Nigiri, | Dragon roll |Salmon roll |Caterpillar roll|Chop Scallop roll |Kappa roll |Smoke salmon roll|Dynamite roll |Yam roll |Tuna roll, |Smoke Salmon roll |Unagi roll |Yam roll|Dynamite roll |BC roll 2 Clifornia roll, |Dragon roll |Kodo Roll|Rainbow Roll |Angle Roll|Pink lady roll |Tiger Roll, |Cucumber roll |inari roll |avocado roll2 vegetable |tamago roll |asparagus roll|oshinko roll.

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