Before … 1525mm Focal length f/5. Deluxe Red-dot finder. Explore Scientific 12in “Ultralight” Dobsonian Long term review. - posted in Reflectors: I purchased my Explore Scientific 12” Ultralight Dobsonian Gen II (ESUL) telescope August 2018. 2" two-speed focuser with 10:1 speeds. Two large radial fans for fast thermal equilibrium. Explore Scientific 12" (305mm) Truss Tube Dobsonian. No telescope type has influenced amateur astronomy as radically as the dobsonian telescope. The Explore Scientific 12-inch Dobsonian telescope includes a 2" dual-speed focuser with helical gearing and 10:1 reduction, an LED Red Dot Finder, a collimation assist tool (see extra images for a view of the collimation assist tool in action), a soft light baffle to keep stray light … But at this price point don't expect perfection. I … The Explore Scientific 12in Ultra Light Dobsonian is a budget telescope that has some things going for it. Dimensions for mobile use of the 12" Explore Scientific Ultra Portable Dobsonian Rockerbox 450x450x320mm Mirrorbox 380x380x300mm Trusses approx. 980mm Eyepiece Height while pointing … Price, ease of collimation, and very very portable. Ultra Light Dobsonian 305mm GENERATION II - with completely redesigned and improved construction.

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