The ram weighs about 300 pounds and ewes average between 135 and 180 pounds. Merino’s are excellent forager and are capable of setting them is all the types of climate conditions and weather. Facts about Merino Sheep 2: The Characteristics of Merinos Sheep. There are over 900 breeds of sheep in the world, one of the most popular is the Merino – it is favored for its soft fine wool which is used for clothing and blankets. Merino Wool Doesn’t Wrinkle. This means you don’t have to worry about ironing your Merino clothing, or about it wrinkling up when you pack it in a suitcase. Merinos have white faces and legs and vary in sizes and the number of skin folds. Merino sheep is the kind of adaptable animal. Merino sheep are very adaptable to their surroundings, and are particularly good at surviving in very cold and harsh climates. Characteristics of the Merino Sheep The Merino is a breed that has a variety of appearances, especially in size and conformation; however, they are generally medium in size, are white in color, and have crimped wool fibers. This breed of sheep is mainly developed for obtaining its excellent wool and also somewhat for meat production. Wool from a Merino sheep is usually finer and softer than traditional wool, giving it four main characteristics that make this wool absolutely amazing. Merino have been domesticated and bred in ways that would not allow them to survive well without regular shearing by their owner. They are humble and beautiful animals that can be polled or horned. These sheep need to be in the hands of the skilled breeder. The "B" type Merino was developed principally in Ohio. Rambouillet sheep, a breed known for its production of high-quality fine-wool fleece, has an extended breeding season. The horned Merinos have long and spiral horns, while the polled have small stubs sticking out of their heads. the 10 cool facts about merino sheep. They are not advocated for commercial lamb and wool production. It is a small sheep with ewes weighing 85 to 100 pounds. Merino Sheep Characteristics. It results from breeders selecting for a heavy fleece on a sheep that has a fair mutton form. Merino Sheep | Characteristics. Developed from the Spanish Merino in France and Germany, the Rambouillet is the foundation of most Western U.S. range flocks. The wool coat on Merino sheep will never stop growing.

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