Fluorite initially seems curious of Steven, saying "they don't look like Gems". 28. Because of her six Gems, Fluorite's appearance is not outwardly humanoid but instead, takes an appearance similar to that of a very large caterpillar. Sexless Fluorite's first unknown component's gemstone is located on her forehead. Fluorite greets Steven and Lars when they enter the abandoned Kindergarten. As with most fusions, Fluorite's appearance is largely a combination of her component Gems. She often gives advice and speaks her mind, using her noticeably slow and deep voice. Inactive Gems: Pink Diamond, Fusion Gems: Fluorite • Rhodonite She has six interacting eyes, with the top two pairs being teal and the bottom pair being lavender; the bottom pair often stays closed, creating the appearance of elderly wrinkles, while the top pair often behaves as eyebrows. Her voice and facial features also make her somewhat appear like a wise, elderly grandmother. Inactive Gems: Rose Quartz Fluorite and the other Off Colors have been living under Homeworld's surface in an abandoned Kindergarten for eons, hiding from Shattering Robonoids. I think it had something to do with fear, love, and a society characterized by an inability to grow. Followers. When the Shattering Robonoids find their way into the Kindergarten, Fluorite is able to use her large body to circle around a wall, being undetected. Although animation inconsistencies lead to this gemstone changing cuts often, it can be seen in her model sheet that it has a circular facet. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Fluorite is the unaligned fusion of six unknown Gems, making her debut in "Off Colors". Kathleen Fisher She has a total of six gemstones: two larger gems on her forehead, three on her first body segment (likely chest gems), and one on her second body segment (likely a navel gem). After Steven tells her that he is half-human, she treats him like a normal Gem, explaining a few things to Steven about herself and the Off Colors. She is later seen having a conversation with Vidalia. Fluorite has known Angel aura since before the rebellion While Angel aura was under the command of White diamond fluorite had a deep hatred with him until his plan to fuse and escape with him went wrong as angel fell with him to Earth. Eyes Fluorite's third and fifth unknown components' gemstones are located on her chest. Aliens: Beetle Aliens • Bird Blob Aliens • Ungulate Aliens • Worm Aliens • Flower-Like Aliens • Minor Alien Characters, Camp Pining Hearts: Paulette • Percy • Pierre All Gems have various powers, including the ability to invoke a weapon, change shape, and strength, agility, speed, and skill beyond human capabilities. His outfits consist mostly of purple, green and navy blue. They each need time to decide on what they will say together as Fluorite, thus resulting in slow speech.[1]. Fluorite also appears hanging out with Lars together at a table with Garnet, then later at the concert in the movie. Fluorite is one of the main protagonists in Munchkins! Its overall shape is a star. Later, Fluorite believes that Lars will one day be poofed, and when he reforms, she says that whatever color Lars makes himself will be lovely. Gem Type Fluorite initially seems curious about Steven by saying, "they don't look like Gems." Though Jasper is a homeworld gem Fluorite respects her for being the perfect Quartz, unlike Rose quartz. Being a cross-Gem fusion, Fluorite was banished from Gem society. Topaz . 688. Fluorite tells the group that she is composed of six Gems, and could possibly expand if they meet the right Gem. She/Her Fluorite also has a very open-minded attitude to fusion, as she has no problem with being a permanent fusion of six Gems and states that she would not mind adding even more if she meets "the right Gem". Like the other Off Colors, Fluorite comes to respect Lars for his actions that aided their escape from Homeworld and eventually regards him as her captain. The other three body segments have short, thick legs with corresponding darker-colored boots. Traits Fluorite can be cold and distance towards other but his friends he can be pretty chill. According to Rebecca Sugar, this idea was included at the request of kids at the Long Beach LGBT Center. Lonely Blade: Evil Janitor • Lonely Blade • Lonely Blade's Brother Her hair is long, which is green fading to a purple. She tells Lars that they won't leave him behind and that Off Colors stick together. Fluorite was in love with crystal as they always planned on escaping homeworld together and living a happy life some where else. She has on a green/blue halter top, purple shorts, and green boots with black fur. She did not want to leave Homeworld while leaving him behind. Fluorite Steven Universe: 2013–2019 Fluorite (voiced by Kathy Fisher) is an unaligned fusion of six unknown Gems, introduced in the episode "Off Colors", and was confirmed as polyamorous by series creator Rebecca Sugar. Fluorite can also take refuge in his gemstone after being wounded to heal, and is also capable of fusion. The robonoids leave once this is accomplished, with Fluorite telling the group that they have overlooked them for the time being. Fluorite is a character created by MissFitt and is a part of the MissVerse. Following . Fluorite is one of the main characters in The Fluorite, Angel aura quartz, and Azurite saga. Due to being a fusion between multiple Gem types, Fluorite was considered defective by Homeworld, resulting in her hiding with the Off Colors in the Abandoned Homeworld Kindergarten until she escaped the planet with the help of Lars. Garnet's Universe: Foxman • Hopper • Hoppy • Ringo Fluorite is happy to see Lars when he's brought back to life. However, it can be assumed she is still fulfilling her duty as the technical engineer, as the ship appears to be functional. As with most fusions, Fluorite's appearance is largely a combination of her component Gems. Her overall stature and curves can be attributed to Sky Blue Opal, while her hair, face, and skin tone bear more resemblance to Chrysoprase. Lars reciprocates the trust Fluorite has in him, working together efficiently as a crew aboard the Sun Incinerator. He was so angered by her that he tried to shatter her but he lost the fight and sworn to never see her again. Off Colors Her gemstones display moderately vibrant colors: earthy pink, lime-green, dark blue, light periwinkle blue, soft yellow and mixed-earthy purple, occasionally differing in coloration due to the lighting. Fluorite, along with the rest of the Off Colors and led by Lars Barriga, escape the Homeworld Kindergarten and go on the run. Hair While Emerald contacts them through the ship, Fluorite (now a 'chief engineer' under 'Captain Lars') checks on the engine. Despite being made with more Gems, she is smaller than Obsidian, a five-Gem fusion. At first Fluorite wanted to destroy Azurite, cause he was goanna destroy him and angel aura but as timed passed with Azurite he began to trust him and accept him as a member of the Universal gems. Following Friends Follow Unfollow Chat . Humans: Lars Barriga, Other Gems: Minor Gems • Unknown Gems (Morganite • Nephrite-XJ Cut-763 • Unknown Quartz Warrior • Blue Diamond's Court • Pink Diamond's Entourage • Unknown Crystal Gems • 67 Elite Citrines • Pyrites • Hessonites, Demantoids, and Pyropes • Kyanites), Comic Gems: Ant Gem Monster • Clock Tower Gem • Frozen Fragment • Glass Ghost • Invisible Manta Ray • Mole Gem Monster • Mollusk • Monster Lizard Gem • Obelisk • Old Book Gem • Plant Monster • Perils of Pweepwee • Rainbow Cloud Monster • Red Bird Gem Monster • Red Eel Monster • Scorching Shard • Slime Gem Monster • Slug Monster • Snowbeast • Tentacle Monster • Unknown Giant Bird, Other: Baby Melon • Blue Crab • Cactus Steven • Holo-Pearl • Magic Moss • Steven Jr. • Watermelon Stevens, Other: Blue Crabs • Butt Lobster • Crystal Basilisk • Dog • Mask Island Fish • Onion's Mouse • Onion's Snake • Party Guy • Raccoon • Seagulls • Snake • Steven The Third • Susan • Minor Animal Characters First Appearance Bio Since Dec 2019 (296 Days) Seems like this user has nothing to say about themself. She has bangs that covers her eyes. She's shown to be unwilling to leave Lars behind on Homeworld even if it meant going to Earth for a better life. Fluorite and the rest of the Off Colors arrive on Earth but are shocked to see that the Diamonds are there. His outfits consist mostly of purple, green and navy blue.

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