The CAD laboratory is equipped with computers with high end specifications along with a provision for projector and printing amenities. proper knowledge in tests in concrete enables proper quality control at site. Its construction is taking advantage of cutting-edge engineering to reduce emissions, optimize air circulation and internal climate control. To enable successful and effective practicing civil engineers who can support the infrastructural needs of a growing economy with innovation and efficiency, To groom engineers who analyze, design, and use their skills to bring about effective problem solving, To prepare engineers who can advance knowledge by undertaking research initiatives in civil engineering and related fields, To produce engineers who are able to foster economic and infrastructural growth, To be able to undertake research leadership roles in the domain of civil engineering, To be able to equip engineers who can communicate effectively and lead change in a multi-cultural organization environment, The graduates should be able to apply fundamental software engineering principles and practices to provide effective solutions, The graduates should be able to use modern communication technologies, softwares, tools and practices, The graduates should be able to design and develop network, mobile and web based computational systems by designing efficient algorithms and codes, The graduates should be able to conduct experiments on created designs, interpret analysis, and report results for further improvements, The graduates should be able to adapt themselves in a demanding multicultural work environment with internal and external team members. Knowledge on this subject helps a civil engineer generate accurate map of a particular area, relative elevations of various points can also be determined. Defining feature/innovation/emerging technology/new technology: The project is designed to double the current daily filtration capacity of San Deigo to 800,000 m3 a day, it will also be partially solar powered. Computer Aided Drafting is a modern version of drawing board. Our advanced CAD laboratory with computers having high speed computing capability geared up by advanced software like AUTOCAD, STAAD-Pro, MS office, MATLAB etc. Civil Engineering Interview Questions and Answers eBook; Top Rated Autocad Online Courses; Emerging Trends in Construction Technology and Civil Engineering Impacting the Construction Industry. Defining feature/innovation/emerging technology/new technology: The barrier is unique in its design of the use of mobile gates that can be raised to protect Venice from flood water. It is the longest sea-crossing bridge ever built. has carefully planned training modules designed for our students to make them cyber-savvy and proficient in computer analysis of structures and foundations that has a significant global demand. Soil mechanics is the application of laws of mechanics and hydraulics to engineering problems dealing with sediments and other unconsolidated accumulations of solid particles produced by the mechanical and chemical disintegration of rocks regardless of whether or not they contain an admixture of organic constituent. Civil engineering par-se is considered as the mother of all engineering. Here, students can perform various experiments regarding concrete, alternative materials in manufacturing concrete, light weight concrete, etc. In FIT our highway laboratory is equipped with some major equipment like Marshall Stability, California Bearing Ratio, Los Angeles Abrasion Testing machine, Impact Value etc. The third phase will increase the plants capacity from 150 million gallons a day to 200. Concrete remains the primary construction material for major structures and buildings. Although not huge in scale they could have future applications in other cities. Designed and Developed by A1 Future Technologies. Civil engineering has always pushed the limits of current technology and knowledge throughout history. Students get adequate exposure to such kind of experiments as lot of data is present in the laboratory to cross check the experiment results as determined during laboratory classes. Wishing you all the best,Dr. In addition to regular classes the students are highly encouraged to use the equipment for the purpose of project work and practice of the methods as taught in theoretical classes. Complex drawings can be drawn at much ease and accuracy with a simple command using few CAD software. The soil mechanics laboratory consists of two separate laboratories, namely Soil Mechanics Laboratory 1 (dealing with identification of soils, their properties, compaction, grain size distribution, etc.) Defining feature/innovation/emerging technology/new technology: This plant will completely redefine how a city meets its water needs in the future. By subscribing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Our endeavor at FIT is to groom you in a manner, where you become capable and a competent technologist, that industry is in requirement perennially. Highway and transportation engineering is an integral part of the Civil Engineering Department. Our Survey Laboratory is well equipped with traditional (Chain, Surveyor’s Compass, Plane Table, etc.) Their design involves an innovative rethink of the buildings' exterior to redirect and diffuse sunlight 'to visibly reduce shadows at the towers' base by 60% over typical buildings, providing more daylight for pedestrians and people in nearby buildings. Defining feature/innovation/emerging technology/new technology: Currently under construction, the new Central Park Tower in New York has been designed under the philosophy of Global Environmental Contextualism. The equipments are all of industry standards. Copyright © 2019 Future Institute of Technology. The following 11 projects are great examples of this and some of them might even become the de facto standard of future civil engineering in the future. Emerging construction technology isn’t just a fad or a fun new toy. Click here to download 2nd to 4th Year Civil Syllabus. It will stretch over 50km and is designed to last at least 120 years before significant maintenance works will be needed. Indrajit ChowdhuryHOD, CEFIT. Civil engineering par-se is considered as the mother of all engineering. The new system consists of buoyant pipes held in place with anchors and tethers to the lake bottom that float between about 2.4 and 5.8 meters above the lake bed. Civil engineering has, since time immemorial, pushed the envelope of current thinking and technological know-how of the time. Expected completion date: Full capacity by 2020. It was designed to be wind resistant that saved thousands of tons of steel and relies heavily on renewable energy sources. These 11 examples might define civil engineering projects of the future. Civil engineering is poised to undergo major transition in 2018; thanks to the advancement in technology which is the driving force behind the changes this industry will witness. You may unsubscribe at any time. Both the laboratories are such equipped that soil testing of any large project can be performed at ease. The ancient Romans were the first to experiment with concrete, mixing lime and volcanic rock to build majestic structures like the Pantheon in Rome, still the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world [source: Pruitt]. Surveying is a branch of Civil Engineering which deals with determining the relative positions of different objects on the surface of the earth, by measuring distance between the reference points (both Horizontal & Vertical). It is a unique profession, where people have been striving to expand its horizon from early dawn of civilization. It will consist of 2800 km of pipes, 1,300 wells and will transport 6.5 million m3 a day. Defining feature/innovation/emerging technology/new technology: The original system was built in the 1960's, consists of thousands of meters of steel pipes that are believed to be seismically vulnerable and are beginning to corrode. Structural Engineering and the High-Tech Revolution. Defining feature/innovation/emerging technology/new technology: This civil engineering project is an interconnected system of bridges, artificial islands and tunnels that will eventually connect Hong Kong and Zhuhai to Macau. This subject is of prime importance in Civil Engineering. In fact, the future of structural engineering might see structural engineers being made completely redundant. This hasn't changed today, but the rate of change and demand for the development of ever more sophisticated, new and emerging technology has. We don’t even need to look too far into the future to see some of the innovations that were merely dreams just a few years ago being materialized. We are confident that you will enjoy your tenure with us and have an unforgettable learning experience helping you to tread confidently in your future venture.

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