It’s very sweet. Have his earlier scenes with Shireen simply been to establish his undying love for his daughter, and thus setup a powerful betrayal of her trust? Jorah defeats his competitors (in a rather underhanded manner) and Tyrion presents himself as the titular gift. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Nice moment for the fans, but narratively speaking, a more interesting story is happening just south of the Wall. Let's hope the tempo picks up in the final three episodes. What’s interesting is that no matter what Cersei does, some fans root for her because she’s a strong female character. What happens in Dorne stays in Dorne. Frankly, Cersei’s got nothing on Olenna. Next we shift our focus to Gilly. There are a few parties vying for control of King's Landing on a number of levels. Surely not all will survive…. He’s furious at how ineffectual he is. And that's about all we see from him this hour. He’s condemed to be her lower-class Advisor With Benefits. Olenna is clearly shaken from the imprisonment of Loras and Margaery, and is threatening to expose Littlefinger should anything happen to her, too. Too bad that Reek is totally Ramsay's man, through and through. Katie Walsh. The seventh episode of Game of Thrones Season 5 - The Gift - just ended and it was one of the better episodes of the season. He calls out to his brother Aegon. He tells the men to get their damn hands off her. North of Winterfell: Stannis’ army is in bad shape. In every one of those scenes, she looks uncomfortable, and now it’s confirmed why: She thinks she’s still queen, and that her son is not the king (or if he is the king, then she is his queen, which is even creepier). Meereen: Dany is having another post-sex-yet-covered-by-sheet chat with Daario. The Thrones showrunners titled this episode “The Gift” and that seems appropriate—this is a gift for fans. Sansa asks Theon to take a candle to the tower to signal her friends in the North. But how long will they all stand by, and will it be soon enough to save Sansa? Now Gily thought she was going to get raped, yet helps Sam lose his virginity instead. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Through a quick sale at the slave market (thanks to Tyrion's unmatched marketing ability) and an even quicker bout of gladiatorial combat. Recap of Game of Thrones season 5 episode 7 titled The Gift and airing on May 24, 2015. Not sure how he found out about her, but when you’re as scary as Ramsay, it’s probably easy to get the staff to talk. Daario is trying to talk Dany into marrying him instead of Hizdahr, but that’s never going to work. And what will happen to the prisoners? Maybe she’s taking the same potion Gilly gives her baby. But then he starts talking about a young man who joined their cult, and she grows very still. Let's see where they all ended up. ", Tyrion: "It's a pleasure to meet you, your Grace. — Olenna and the High Sparrow: The Queen of Thorns tries everything she can to get the High Sparrow to release her grandkids: bribes, threats. ", Cersei: "Look at me. It was written by David Benioff & D.B. Even the scene’s detractors must admit that in an era where viewers are increasingly difficult to shock or upset, Thrones sure knows how to strike a nerve. Katie Walsh. She (finally) seeks to make good on the offer of help from her friends in Winterfell, and enlists Theon/Reek's assistance in the matter. Jon had more pressing business, riding to Hardhome with Tormund, who keeps glaring down at Jon like he’s about to beat him up with his beard. Littlefinger, as always, has an ace up his sleeve. Ser Jorah runs into the arena and opts to knock out his opponents rather than kill them, arousing Dany’s curiosity. After he passed, I half expected the next scene to be Jon Snow walking into the room and go, “Hey Aemon, I wanted to ask you who my real mom is—” But no. Have Jorah executed as a traitor? And though Davos councils retreat in order to protect Stannis' claim to the throne and preserve his forces, the Red Woman has another plan in mind: sacrifice Stannis' daughter Shireen in order to conjure the necessary power to assure victory. She’s the ultimate helicopter parent. Instead, she confirms that the impending trial of Loras and Margaery will end in the stripping away of the Tyrells' wealth. In an effort to ally himself with the Wildlings north of the wall, and to offer them sanctuary south of the wall in the area of land controlled by the Night's Watch known as "The Gift," Lord Commander Snow rides north with Tormund Giantsbane (and a satchel of dragonglass weapons). So Sansa decides she must get out of Winterfell. Later, Ramsay and Sansa go for a stroll. How did they get there? For a moment, Dany looks like she might be glad to see her old friend, but then her anger reappears. Jaime: "And more hands. ", Tyene: "Now, who's the most beautiful woman in the world? Or will she have to save herself? Reek: "It can always be worse. Last week’s Sansa scene may have caused more online outrage that any scene in the show’s history, and it looks like Sansa’s time as Ramsay’s captive rape-spouse is not going to be brief, or quickly avenged. ", Myrcella: "You looked different when I left. “Thank you for bringing them whatever justice they deserve,” she tells him. Davos wants to retreat. It's a safe bet it was Lancel Lannister, who spilled the beans about his unhealthy relationship with Cersei to the High Sparrow. That’s what Jaime gets for being a deadbeat dad—a rebellious daughter who doesn’t want to live with him. Dorne: Myrcella visits her half-assed rescuerer Jaime and explains she doesn’t want to go back to King’s Landing. Sellswords are deserting. Dave's 'Game of Thrones' recap of season 5, episode 7, "The Gift" starring Kit Harington, Sophie Turner, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey and Alfie Allen. She conveniently has the antidote around her neck, which actually does make sense (anyone carrying a blade probably accidentally cuts herself from time to time). Last week's episode ending with Ramsay's off-screen rape of Sansa was certainly an inflammatory bit of television, but it seems that things have gotten worse for the Stark heir in the intermittent week.

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