From haircuts for receding hairlines to hair products that make your thinning hair look thicker and fuller, you will be surprised at what you can do to reduce the impact of hair loss, both on your appearance and on your emotions. Just grab a comb and some hairstyling product (hair mousse) and slick your hair towards the back of your head. Of course, such looks will not deceive anyone, and will not hide the fact that you are balding, but at least you will turn this problem into your unique style. Luckily, you still have some excellent options. Once hair recedes to a certain stage, the buzz cut is the best choice to maintain some hair. This doesn’t have to be you. Spare yourself the embarrassment. Just take a look at these men who do not seek for something extraordinary but choose the short hairstyle that never goes out of fashion! The buzz cut minimizes the appearance of a receding hairline or widow’s peak by minimizing the contrast between your forehead and your hair and drawing attention to your face. Unfortunately, it may appear in any age; moreover, even women suffer from it! Some men do not want to look for any compromises and choose bald haircuts to highlight their masculinity and awesomeness. Bald spots on the forehead are a very widespread problem. spikes) to it. On the contrary, with the right blow dry, you can achieve one heck of a cool look. Grey hair and bun look unbelievable hot and eye-catching. By choosing it, you will make women’s hearts beat much faster, and no matter how old you are. As we have already mentioned, some men prefer not to pretend that they are not actually balding and choose clean shaven looks. Furthermore, some men know that beard and/or mustaches can easily grab all attention and use this opportunity to turn themselves from bald into bold in a trice. This haircut hides all of your flaws but doesn’t look out of place or stupid, either. There are lots of lovely ways to style your top. Fade, shaved side, longer hairs on top, all methods are good in this case! Nothing says “I am confident in my baldness” louder than a shaved head. First of all, you do not have to do anything with your hair to look great, particularly, you do not have to spend hours in front of the mirror trying to hide the bald spots on forehead or crown. He holds an MBA from a top business school and is committed to helping men all around the world look, feel and live the prime of their life. The goal is to bald gracefully. For example, if you’ve reached the advanced age and your hair is coming grey, growing the medium length hair is a pet way to draw focus away from your baldness. You can further draw attention away from your hairline by adding a little texture (e.g. Fortunately, there are a lot of cool ways to cope with it. So why not do the same, stop pretending that you are not balding, and highlight your best features by choosing bald haircut? 10 Lifesaver Hairstyles for Men with Thinning Hair on Crown However, it’s often one of the best options for men in the late stages of hair loss. You do not have to wear a bun or a ponytail which are pretty unusual for your age, there is a wide variety of classy options that look awesome as well. This military-style haircut is an excellent option for guys going bald at a young age or those who want to keep their hair a little longer. Just ask Dwayne Johnson, and he’ll tell you a thing or two about the feeling. Such a decision has a lot of advantages. Two different dimensions give you a whole new look and take away the bald spots with ease. Some might argue that bald men are not attractive. If you have thin hair or a receding hairline, there are a number of excellent men’s hairstyles for thinning hair that will make you look your prime at any age. And wouldn’t you know it, studies show that men with shaved heads are perceived to be stronger, taller, more masculine, and more confident than men with a full head of hair and men with thinning hair. The faux hawk is one of the most daring men’s hairstyles for thinning hair. The contemporary comb over is a wonderful choice for men in the early-to-mid stages of balding. Baldness is the problem almost every man inevitably faces. Well, unfortunately, such advice does not exist. For instance, try such messy interpretation of undercut, add something yours and continue experimenting with your image. Most men think that the balder they are, the shorter their cut is supposed to be. They do not try to hide their masculinity, and that really deserves respect! A better alternative is to use light mousse. Just because bald spots appear it doesn’t mean you’re out of options to cover them. If you like classics more, no problem! Such classy hairstyles as skin fade undercut with trimmed beard and mustache should be on balding men’s “list of cuts to rock.”. There’s nothing difficult to make it with a modern twist – just add a clean fade and some sharp lines. There are plenty of different ways to do it. While hairstyling products don’t grow hair, they can make your hair look thicker and fuller. All Rights Reserved. Kwame Owusu is a personal development coach and the founder of Too Manly. Although it doesn’t hide your receding hairline as well as the buzz cut does, it makes the thinning on your crown less obvious and is a great way to show the world that you are confident in your hair loss. Secondly, a lot of women consider bald men to be very hot and good-looking. In addition to finding suitable men’s hairstyles for thinning hair, also look for ways to preserve your remaining hair. But Kwame, just a moment ago, you said to never, ever do a comb over. Just make sure you have enough volume on your head to make it work. When that time comes, seriously consider shaving it all off. Grow it and go into experiments with “beardcut.” Make it sleek or messy, long or short, change the shape and color, in other words, do all that stuff you did with your hair some time ago. So, there you have it — a collection of the best men’s hairstyles for thinning hair, as well as effective tips for managing and preserving your remaining hair. There are far better haircuts and hairstyles for thinning hair out there for you to choose from. It does not have to be boring – you can style it the way you want, adding some cool details, such as fade, shaved sides, side-swept bang, etc. Do not believe us? When you’re mostly bald, the long strands of individual hair sparsely spread over the thin or bald area of your head only bring more attention to your baldness. Hair loss can be a devastating blow to a man’s confidence, with many men often spiraling into a deep, dark hole of depression because of it. All you have to do is to find the hairstyle you like the most! Required fields are marked *, Join the Too Manly Community for the best advice and tips on becoming a superior man. Trust the science — you have nothing to lose (well, except yo hair) and everything to gain. Take action now! Dealing with hair loss is a depressing experience for many men. Short haircuts have long been a staple look... Should guys shave their armpits? In many ways, it’s like wearing a thong to the beach — you’re really not covering up much even if you think you are. Just because the pompadour is a medium length hairstyle doesn’t mean it can’t work for thinning hair or a receding hairline. It’s your hair and you are free to do with... Should men shave their armpits? Despite the advances in human bioengineering, we still don’t have medication that regrows hair. And, of course, do not forget that it is also a good option that does not even require much time and effort to fix it up.

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