They operate offering one class at a time online, and one three week residency per year where students will receive peer support, as well as faculty advisement. When it first opened its doors, the mission was to train Native American students about English ways of life, including Christian theology. They are known for their research activity, with five sites where research is conducted, including the John C. Stennis Space Center. The MPH program also offers an emphasis on faculty-student research collaboration and an application of system dynamics to public health. The School of Health Professions at Mizzou offers an online Master’s of Public Health degree with a focus on Health Promotion and Policy. Their graduate and undergraduate programs together enroll close to 4,500 students at a time. A master's degree in health policy and management readies graduates to work as hospital leaders, policy analysts and health care advocates. The program includes a practicum and a culminating experience that allows students to apply all of their skills in a “practice setting.”, Degree: MPH – Public Health Policy & Management They are organized into 10 distinct schools in order to create more intimacy among disciplines. Cost: $$$$$ The school is also affiliated with Albany Medical Center and Bassett Healthcare. The program is hybrid with some courses offered online and others on campus. The State University of New York in Albany is a public research university located in New York’s capital city. Degree: MPH Health Policy and Management concentration Due to their history of supporting veterans, they offer a lot of incentives for military vets and those currently serving to attend classes, including classes on military bases around the country. They enroll over 48,000 students per year. One of the prerequisites for applicants is a minimum of two years with relevant work experience in the field, or in a related discipline, as well as a 3.0 GPA or above in undergraduate work. Are There Scholarships for Online MPH Programs? They are the third oldest public school in the country to enroll students, and the first in the state of North Carolina. Degree: MPH – Health Policy and Management The entire program includes 45 credit hours that prepare students to be successful leaders in the fields of public health upon graduation. Online or on campus, the MPH program at MU is naturally interdisciplinary and reflects the future of public health research and service. Students will be prepared to work in a variety of settings, including clinics, hospitals, public health departments, health insurance corporations, and organizations that support long-term care. It is considered by many sources including the US News and World Report, The Princeton Review and the Carnegie Foundation as one of the “most selective” schools in the country for undergraduate admission. National University offer a Master’s in Public Health Degree Program with a Specialization in Healthcare Administration that is administered entirely online. The University of Southern Mississippi is referred to by students affectionately as Southern Miss. Cost: $$$$$ They have become known as a leader in online education, enabling students who require flexibility as a result of their personal and/ or professional lives to have access to high quality post secondary education. Degree: MPH Public Health Management and Policy The MPH in Healthcare Management from UT Health is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in an interdisciplinary public health environment, with a specific focus on management. The management specialization will have a deeper focus on budgets and healthcare delivery, and policy will focus on implementation of policies that impact a variety of populations, including those that are the most vulnerable. This concentration is for those students interested in a career in helping health systems become more sustainable and accessible to those who need it. Degree: MPH with a focus on policy Students in the program will emerge with the skills to hold leadership and managerial positions in global and public health organizations. Cost: $$$$$ They collectively publish more than 1,600 books and scholarly articles each year. Degree: MPH Specialization in Healthcare Administration Degree: MPH in Public Health Practice and Policy In the 1960’s the campus was a site of a great deal of protest regarding the civil rights movement and with relation to local conversations about racial segregation, before the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Coursework includes analysis, financial management, leadership, law, ethics, public health policy, among other things. This program is ideally suited to prepare professionals to work in the range of environments where health policy is a priority: Our health policy program is tailored to working professionals, preparing graduates to assume key roles in policy development and advocacy. It serves more than 17,000 students per year, and efforts to provide individual success to everyone, offering the resources only a large university can. Accreditation: CEPH accredited. The University of Maryland has a unique School of Public Health located in the Department of Health Services Administration. Its initial founding was in 1881, and was known as the Omaha Medical College, but in 1902, they joined forces with the University of Nebraska. Those positions include paid internships, research and educational opportunities, advocacy and administrative positions, and many others. Accreditation: CEPH accredited. Accreditation: CEPH accredited, ASPPH member. The University of New England is a private university located in Biddeford, Maine, with additional campuses scattered throughout the state. Degree: MHA – Health Policy and Management Lobbyist. There are unique research opportunities that engage students specific interests. Degree: MPH – Health Policy and Management Accreditation: CEPH accredited, ASPPH member. The program can be completed in 2 years. Students can choose from a variety of options of coursework online, but KU-MPH students must complete some of the required courses on campus as well as complete a minimum of 96 hours at an internship site. Degree: MPH – Healthcare Management The University of Southern Mississippi is the home to a comprehensive Department of Public Health which offers a specialized MPH degree in Health Policy Administration. University of Nebraska. Service, justice, and faith are tenants that run through their mission. It also has a research expenditure to match the size, at over $6 billion. Health Policy explores the advancement and implementation of health law, regulations, or voluntary practices that influence systems development, organizational change, and individual behavior to promote improvements in health. In 1910 USM was established as a Normal School, and it was the first teacher training school funded by the state. 3. They are the largest private university in the state of Maine, with an enrollment of close to 14,000 students. Degree: MPH focus on Health Management & Policy Students will learn all of the critical skills to lead organizations, as well as build inroads for greater healthcare access for all. Walden University is a Public Benefit Corporation University, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This concentration develops leaders in the field who are invested in influencing policy and managing organizations in protection of the communities health. This unique program structure is designed exclusively for working professionals, and therefore accounts for the need for a flexible learning schedule. UCS is the largest private sector employer in LA, and generates $8 billion each year in economic activity in the Southern California region. The Healthcare Management focus allows students to find their niche in with specific coursework that engages concepts of policy with health leadership, and the economics of healthcare. Accreditation: CEPH accredited, ASPPH member. They have a small scope as they enroll less than 2,000 students at a time, and employ fewer than 80 full-time faculty members. Much of their mission includes empowering women and marginalized groups to be successful with the tools they gain from a Simmons Education. They offer 6 world- renowned schools of study. Degree: MPH – Global Health Health Policy Health and Human Rights Accreditation: CEPH accredited. The program is delivered through the interactive online platform that engages different styles of learning, including sections that are self-paced, and live online classes, all of which connect to the few required in-person immersion experiences that bring students together on campus, and bring a hybrid approach to the coursework.

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