Working both as an alarm and a deterrent, they can be a great addition to the household. RELATED STORY: Home Invasion Defense Plan. As with most things the sage Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared” applies. – Source: FBI; 38% of assaults occur in the home during an invasion. Immediately call 911 and stay on the line until help arrives. Every 12 seconds a home is invaded by going right through the front or back door – Women or senior citizens, who are home alone are prime targets for the criminals that carry out home invasions. Stories of Real Home Invasion Survivors. Now is the time to plan a home defense strategy that will keep you and your family safe if you're ever faced with a violent home invasion attack. Make sure that both of his hands are always in clear view. Home Invasion Defense Plan According to the FBI, a burglary occurs every 15 seconds. So I’m ready to give you the entire “Home Defense Tactics” for about the cost of a few boxes of ammo. Dogs have been one of the most popular forms of home defense for centuries. 2 of 10 Home Invasion Defense Plan If you are home alone, stay put and create a defensive position. 60% of rapes occur in the home during an invasion. By Grady Powell Bad guys are becoming more bold and aggressive. 5. Consider a protection dog. ... a home invasion: what a home invasion looks like, what the home … While not intended to startle or frighten you, it should serve as a wake-up call for everyone. Home Invasion Statistics. Once you get the program, you’ll be armed with the most advanced home invasion survival strategies to transform you into a complete warrior – fully prepared to protect your home and those who depend on you for their safety! 2 homE DEfEnsE AssoCIATIon of AmErICA, 2012 THe KeYs TO HAvInG A sAFe HOMe Although home invasions are increasing across America today, keeping a safe, secure home is not difficult. 1. Plan it, […] Understanding that valuable items and softer targets are more likely located in more affluent areas they are increasingly targeting suburban homes and neighborhoods in historically low crime areas. Just $27. If possible, order the criminal intruder to do the following: Home invasion Defense #4: Holding a Criminal at Gunpoint During a Home Invasion If you somehow manage to capture and hold the criminal intruder at gunpoint, be sure to keep him at a safe distance and in an awkward position.

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