Many people associate the Tawrat with the Torah of the Jewish faith, or the Old Testament of the Christian faith. These Gospels, in Muslim belief, contain portions of the teachings of Jesus, but neither represent nor contain the original Gospel from Allah, which has been corrupted and/or lost.[21]. This means that these dates are out of sync with Gregorian dates. The names of these holy books, as per Islamic teachings, are Tawrat, Zabur, Injil, and Quran. It differs from the previous revelations in many ways, and Muslims are obliged to understand and believe in all these differences. As for how many Islamic holy books there are, our Deen (Religion) confirms the existence of four clearly named revelations. If you by “skies” mean heavens, the Bible, the word “heaven” has more than one meaning. Among the books considered to be revealed, the four mentioned by name in the Quran shareef are the Tawrat (Torah or the Law) revealed to Musa (Moses), the Zabur (Psalms) revealed to Dawud (David), the Injil (the Gospel) revealed to Isa (Jesus). Then, we have the Injeel, also known as the Gospel, sent to Jesus (Isa). Believing in these holy books is one of the six articles of faith that is required for a Muslim to have a correct belief in Islam. There is an additional mention of scrolls sent to John (Yahya). This Injil is described by the Qur'an as one of the four Islamic holy books which was revealed by God, the others being the Zabur (possibly the Psalms), the Tawrat (the Torah), and the Qur'an itself. The Quran is the central religious text of Islam, which Muslims believe to be a revelation from God (Arabic: الله‎, Allah). As Muslims, we are not supposed to affirm the divine nature of any versions of the Tawrat that may be in existence today. 2. The Quran, in Surah Al Hadid, affirms the fact that Allah revealed divine books to His messengers to guide their people. There are altogether four big books including the Quran. Rejecting them means that you reject an article of faith, which is one of the core beliefs of the religion. Each of them was given to a different prophet by Allah. Although many Muslims follow the Western solar or Gregorian calendar for everyday purposes, all Muslims use the lunar Hijiri calendar to determine Islam’s holy days and holidays. How many holy books are there in Islam? No, In Islam there are 4 holy books; Tawrat = Moses. There are Catholic holy books, there are Jewish holy books, there are Muslim holy books, there are Christian holy books, and many other types of holy books for differing faiths. This is because it, like the Tawrat, was altered and stripped of its initial authenticity. The Quran mentions the Zabur, often interpreted as being the Book of Psalms,[15] as being the holy scripture revealed to King David (Dawud in Islam). Therefore, it is legally binding on people of all races and tribes. These are the books sent down to David (Dawud), Moses (Musa), Jesus (Isa), and Muhammad (PBUT). [2] The Quran is divided into chapters (surah), which are then divided into verses (ayah). This book can no longer be found in its original form as a result of tampering. It was God’s message, an order to worship Him alone, and it contained guidance and principles for the people of Musa (AS). [1] Despite the primacy that Muslims place upon the Quran as God's final word, Islam speaks of respecting all the previous scriptures, and belief in all the revealed books is an article of faith in Islam. The Zabur is the holy book referred to as the book of Psalms in the Noble Quran. Muslims believe the Quran was verbally revealed by Allah to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel (Jibril),[3][4] gradually over a period of approximately 23 years, beginning on 22 December 609 CE,[5] when Muhammad was 40, and concluding in 632, the year of his death. Belief in divine books is the third article of faith in Islam. Qur'an Pak = Hazrat Mohammad (s.a.w) Quran: The Quran, the last revealed word of God, is the primary source of every Muslim’s faith and practice. Isa (AS) delivered the message of Allah to the children of Israel. Moreover, it differs from the other revealed books in its preservation. The Hijiri year has 12 months of 29 or 30 days each (depending on the moon), and thus is 11 days shorter than the Gregorian year. Despite Muslims being obliged to believe in the other holy books sent down to the other prophets besides Prophet Muhammad pbuh, due to the alterations to the other holy books of Islam, the current versions of the Torah, Psalms and Bible are not accepted. In time they were corrupted, though we can still affirm the unadulterated parts that agree with the Quran. The Glorious Quran is Allah’s final revelation, revealed to Muhammad (PBUH), the Seal of the Prophets. The word Injil is also used in the Quran, the Hadith and early Muslim documents to refer to both a book and revelations made by Allah to Isa. The last holy book that Allah revealed is the Quran, sent down to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It was revealed in Arabic, but its teachings are incumbent on all humans, regardless of language and country. The Injil is the holy book, also known as the Gospel. Indeed, the Tawrat was corrupted by those who followed their whims and desires, seeking to reinvent its pure teachings. The Tawrat is the holy book which was revealed to Prophet Musa (AS). Scholars have often understood the Psalms to have been holy songs of praise. Those revelations were written down by scribes as Muhammad pronounced them during his ministry, and his followers continued to recite them after his death. [citation needed] Quran 21:105 and Psalm 37:29 are direct counterparts. Allah also mentions in the Quran about scrolls that He sent down to Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) and Moses. [20] Therefore, according to Muslim belief, the Gospel was the message that Jesus, being divinely inspired, preached to the Children of Israel. The Holy Quran is a compilation of the verbal revelations given to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) over a period of twenty three years. Lastly, there is the Quran sent to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Specifically, the Law of Moses. Islamic holy books are the texts which Muslims believe were authored by God through various prophets throughout humanity's history.

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