No fancy heating products required! Make sure your hair is not too wet, as your hair is likely to keep some of that moisture overnight and will weigh down the curls when you remove them in the morning. Final Reminder: As brought up before the size of the sections of hair wrapped determines how tight your curls are. Then flip your hair and do a final curl shake out. No rushing around trying to shower, put on your makeup, get dressed and deal with styling your hair. Read our guide on how to straighten curly hair at home. Okay so admittedly learning about no heat sock curls won’t necessarily move your excitement needle nearly as much as finding out you won a trip to Disneyland. Others report good success with a volumizing mousse. You might look at as your irregular dose of hair care inspiration. She uses OGX Curling Butter. It’s kind of a beauty and the beast kind of thing. [1] X Research source You may want to use a child size sock to ensure that the donut will be tight enough to hold your hair. And if you’d like more hacks, tricks and tips like this please follow our curly hair board on Pinterest. On the other hand you may find them still looking sassy enough for a third day if you take care when sleeping on them. Okay look at these more as good to know not iron clad must dos. Twist the hair into a bun. Hold your ponytail up vertically above your head and place the ends of your ponytail through the ring. (Voluminous and curly – oh my!). Next, pull the end of your ponytail through the sock. Shampoo Bars: What They Are And Do They Work Better? If you are looking for tight, springy curls with tons of gorgeous volume, these are the … Step 4: Allow your hair to dry overnight. Step 7) Unwrap in the morning to reveal your wondrous curls. Step 3) Wrap each section around the sock. Styling products are 100% optional. It’s enough to make you want to kiss that trusty hot styling tool good-bye. Materials: Brush Elastic band Sock Mousse, gel or other hair product From the centre of the donut, fan the hair over the donut, tucking it in underneath and rolling the donut down the length of the ponytail as you go. Slight dampness will allow your hair to dry when all wrapped up which sets the curl. Just discovered this super helpful video. It will depend on how thick your hair is and how many ringlets you’d like for the number of socks to use – anywhere from 6 to 10 socks. For example you may want to shampoo with a volumizing shampoo. Maui Moisture Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Curl Smoothie. Give your hair a light shake and style with some hairspray or mouse for the waves to set and create perfect, easy waves. Tip: Here’s a different trick to dampen dry hair. When wrapping don’t pull them too tight at first so they stress your strands. You want to get it as tight to your head as comfortably possible. Step 5: The next morning, untie the bottoms of the braids and slowly unravel the sock from the hair. Cut off the toe of a clean sock to make a tube. In a mere three minutes this video clearly demonstrates the no heat curl hack in easy-to-follow step-by-step fashion. Curling Your Hair Overnight With a Sock: With these instructions you can curl your hair with minimal effort and no heat. Tip: She feels somewhat thicker socks are better than thinner. Cut off about two inches from the toe of the sock and roll it up so the sock looks like a donut. Most African American women complain about hair loss and thinning as their main challenges regarding their hair. The method is simple and easy to customize by adding in sections and using different techniques as described below. Curling hair overnight with socks is a no-heat method to get some curls and waves into your hair. So sock curls will give you back your morning or let you treat yourself to a few extra minutes of sleep. Or do like she did in that video and use styling products. Rules? In other words more socks, more sections equals more tightly defined tendrils. No fancy heating products required! Next, pull the end of your ponytail through the sock. If you’re looking for tighter curls that interlock as a spiral, try this ringlet method with your socks. Now when taking them out start the unwrapping from the top or end closest to your scalp. Another advantage is this works great with second day hair. The first being easy no heat curls form effortlessly while you sleep so what’s not to like? These boo boos are great for making your hair miserable too. Optional Step: Apply curl enhancing product to get hair curled to the max. And for curls with staying power you want them to be 100% dry. Better to have a little slack near the scalp with enough tension so it’s secure. Your email address will not be published. Step 3: Continue folding hair in a braided pattern until you reach the end. Step 4) Tie off the sock when you reach the ends holding them firmly against the sock so nothing unravels. This is super simple and easy to do. Choosing a sock: If you want tight curls, use a thinner or shorter sock. Step 7) Once all the socks are out, rake the coils with your fingers to break them up. Others still apply a bit of coconut oil to ends that are parched. You can secure the bottom together with a hair tie, or if you have extra sock length, tie the end of the sock in a knot around the braid. Oh but if you prefer sock bun curls you can always check out what we wrote about those here.

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