4. I probably could have gone a month using these spikes and the amount of water in the supply bowl. Globes are available in two sizes, so make sure the style you purchase is appropriate for your plant. ... two or three times per week for the first month. The water in the bowl was a little less than half empty compared to where it was when I left (to the very brim). After that period, water weekly during their first growing season. DO water outdoor container plants at least once per day. Also Read: 5 Watering Mistakes Gardeners Must Avoid. Water the plants well before you leave. Each had their own spike. Terrarium Methods. If you’re about to face a similar problem and looking for a solution, these plant watering hacks are going to help you. Best for: Outdoor plants and garden. The question arises–“How to Water Plants While Away?” It is obvious because, without the water for a long duration, even many drought-tolerant plants can’t live. Set-up time: 5 minutes per plant If you don’t like the look of upended water bottles, here’s an elegant alternative: aqua globes. Water them until the water drains out the bottom and choose one of the following steps to keep your plants watered while you're on vacation. Simply placed the plant in a large clear garbage bag (like this one) that is doubled up, water the plant well and tie the bag up over the plant. Some of my tropical natured plants love moisture and need a terrarium-like environment to thrive while I am gone. So the spikes supplied just enough water to keep the plants going for just over 2 weeks. Step 6 The planter needs to be saturated with water before you insert the globe.

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