Oscar Mayer’s Turkey Bacon (formerly Louis Rich Turkey Bacon) is a good bacon substitute for many people. Though we all love a good deal, the quality of bacon is mostly indicated by how much it costs. That's a good reason to consider pre-cooked bacon if you only need a few pieces. These thickly cut slices of natural pork are cured with a perfect balance of salt and sugar and have been slow smoked with hickory to give them a special texture and taste that adds a distinct, robust flavor to all your favorite foods. And yet, savory too! Bacon, one of the top foods of the last decade, looks set to remain an important choice in the American diet (important here being a vast understatement). Here are 14 reasons why bacon is actually really f*cking good for you: 1. The fats in bacon are about 50% monounsaturated and a large part of those is oleic acid. Greatest Value: How can Great Value bacon be a great value when it costs two whole dimes more than Oscar Mayer bacon does at Walmart--not to mention that its too salty and gristly? Our Great Value Thick Sliced Naturally Hickory Smoked Bacon is an exceptional addition to your breakfast plate. They have a wide variety of manufacturers making them. More budget-friendly options, like Great Value and Applegate which cost around $5, fell to the bottom. Great Value is one of Walnart’s Private labels, meaning this is a brand that can only be sold at Walmart. Bacon means a substantially different thing in the US than it does in the rest of the English-speaking world, where American-style bacon is typically referred to as "streaky" or "fatty" bacon. Bacon is the only food that's salty and sweet at the same time. Value … Toward the top of the list were bacon brands like Wright and Wellshire which cost around $9-10 per pack.

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