But what if I told you that you don’t have to be an expert (with years of experience) to make professional music at home? The key to success in mixing is to find a process using proven techniques, then approaching each mix using that same process. Kick Drum Compression. Why is using EQ important for shaping the kick drum tone? Thanks for caring and sharing for free. It’s that important! Now, let’s create some space for them in Step 2: Shape. Plugins like Waves Renaissance Bass add new harmonics around the center frequency of a kick. This just includes some basic frequency ranges of the kick drum and some usual compression techniques of it too. Find the frequency that gives you the shape/tone you’re looking for. Let’s say that you decided your bass is going to live in the 100–200 Hz area of the spectrum. For this reason we’ll use compressors such as the SSL Compressor and the Distressor. I choose not to, since making a living by teaching privately online is fulfilling for me and lessons that have been created once, yet require zero of my time now, I prefer to keep ’em all free. Normal to Wide Q could be fine here. What if I told you that you can make radio-ready music at home, even if you’re new to mixing? Let your ears help you decide if and when to use this. Please share some love for: How To Mix A Kick Drum – Full Signal Chain, including kick drum eq, Compression and kick drum effects. Watch this free masterclass now: That’s why it’s important to always listen carefully first before making any decisions! Simply put, where you boost the kick drum, you should reduce the bass. Generally, the best option is to use your ears. You can do everything just right and still end up with music that sounds amateur if you’re missing a crucial step. Or simply the kick was recorded in such a bad way that needs to be re-recorded or just use a professional sounding sample. Many people refer to this … They also provide for picking up your cymbals as well since they are sometimes left out of individual miking. You can automate the volume or the low/high shelves to reduce just the low or high end instead of the whole volume of the kick. For example, does the kick drum sound deep and punchy? I am sure you said this is terrible cause of the huge amounts of processing, I agree, but please don’t miss reading the Note That means you’ll want to make a wide cut on the kick drum track around 100–200 Hz. In other genres make sure to use some automation as mentioned above to keep a more “dynamic flow” to the differents parts of the song. This is just a good starting point of how I mix in personal. Learn how to make radio-ready music at home… without wasting hundreds of hours on YouTube. Hope you’ve enjoy the How To Mix A Kick Drum EQ guide, have fun mixing! well that’s the right thing to do, but someone that needs a good starting point and some ideas he can find it here. For a limiter you can use the Waves L1 as shown in the image below or download the free famous limiter known as Gclip. Is this for samples? I’d like to use the power of the internet to share my love for music and knowledge to all of you who are into home recording. Best DAW 2020: Which Digital Audio Workstation Works Best For You? But take care cause these frequencies need to be used by the vocals or else you’ll cause masking between them. This is why I take care of EQ first and then use compression to finalize my track. It’s only playing for a limited time – we’re always updating the site and this could get removed soon. Your kick drum isn’t punchy. Note: As always, when I share my chains – settings, I advise you to bypass the plugins to actually hear if you’re improving the sound or not. You’ll no longer feel confused and overwhelmed by the recording and mixing process. For a Distressor Plugin just visit this page and download it for free (by the way great work Antress Team). Cut around 100Hz to 200 Hz. This trick works well if the kick is getting drowned by the … 4.) Hopefully that will add a little dirt that will help your kick poke out of the mix. cause it really changes everything. Is this for synthesized kicks? And you can cut to reduce the frequencies that are simply in the way. So Step 1 is finding out where each of your low instruments are prominent in the frequency spectrum. All the content you see here is 100% free, since my main purpose is to help fellow music producers & audio engineers expand their craft, without the need to pay a fortune on schools. This is the key to getting a full, balanced, and punchy kick drum sound in your mixes! By deciding where each element fits the best, you can use EQ to literally carve out a space for both elements. 4:1 to 8:1 Ratio with a Slow attack and a Fast release are the key components here since we use compression to create punch. Where in the frequency spectrum did you decide the bass was going to live? If you find yourself using everything you can see here, chances are that you need to re-record or find a better sample to begin with. 3.) If you’re working a recorded kick that hard you recorded it wrong. It is because of the way it has been … You’ll want to go to other parts in the mix that have lower frequencies and create a slot for the kick drum in the mix. Set threshold to 1/6 of the maximum peak kick drum level. If you’re confused on where to start, I’ve prepared 22 mixing & mastering lessons for you, you can get them 100% Free by clicking here. If you still need more punch to your kick drum and you cannot re-record it then it’s time to use a Transient Designer VST. Feeling overwhelmed with recording and mixing? Just add a saturation plugin on a kick’s send, distort it, and turn the tone knob up. Set release time to 100ms. My mixes sucked for years until I discovered this ONE THING that gave me the ability to make professional quality music at home. There’s a proven way to set up your kick drum EQ like a pro… and, no, it isn’t by using some fancy, expensive plugin! Essentially, you want to allocate a frequency range to the different elements. A subtle cut of 1–3 dBs should be plenty of room for the bass track, without affecting the sound of the kick drum in the overall mix.

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