This is the fastest and most efficient method for speaking English fluently. You will find out about some of the many internet websites where you can learn for free as quickly or as slowly as you like. We'll also be discussing some general ways to make learning English easier and explaining some learning-related vocabulary along the way. Don’t waste time trying to speak. The second key to super-fast learning and incredible intensity is to focus on English INPUT. We use contractions (You’re, he’s, I’m) in everyday speech and informal writing.. You can also check out online resources for English courses, or visit your local college to see what classes they offer in English. You should spend all of your time either listening or reading. Find the Thinnest Possible Grammar Book. If you really want to learn English fast, here is what you do. In this lesson we will share some useful tips that other English speakers use when they speak quickly. And you can do this from anywhere in the world! Use Contractions. learn very quickly, we must learn to master our emotions-- and that requires mastery of our body. Well, the good news is that you’re about to learn the 10 most effective ways to learn so you can improve fast. Watch the lesson, read the article, and start implementing these learning strategies today: New here? ideas you The will read about here arefrom adult EAL teachers and learners. If so, subscribe to my English lessons by email and I'll send you my book - The 5-Step Plan for English Fluency - for FREE. Try keeping a journal exclusively in English to practice your written skills. It will only discourage you. A good question Rob and one we'll try to answer today. Step 3: Find English Resources that are Just a Little Bit Challenging. The only difference between English and other languages is that most people learning English have had a lot of classroom instruction, which is not usually the case for learners of other languages. Do not waste time studying grammar or vocabulary. In the Effortless English System, “Mind” means beliefs and focus. Here is a useful list for the most common contractions in English. So, you want to speak fast English or you want some tips to understand native English speakers easily. To learn English faster, read as much as you can and watch movies in English to help you pick up new words. Our beliefs about learning, education, and our own abilities strongly influences our learning ability. 1. There are many ways to learn English outside of the classroom. If your English is still basic or lower intermediate (for example, if you find this article a little bit difficult to read), then don’t try to read the New York Times yet! Powerful beliefs lead to powerful learning, while weak beliefs lead to slow learning. This advice is valid for other languages as well. If you want to learn English fast, this step is key.

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