MUA has an integrated, systems-based curriculum that parallels the training you would receive at a top U.S. medical school. Sparks earned a BS in … Attrition rate: Not published. As measured by the residency appointments and professional accomplishments of our graduates… The school accepts approximately 80 to 90 students annually for the incoming class. 6. Students admitted to this program should expect nothing less than to be challenged by a very rigorous medical curriculum that will prepare them for the challenges of medical practice in the 21st century. However, Caribbean medical schools offer an alternative for people like my son, whom all grade in Canada’s university is 92% and over, and MCAT was on the top and he did not received any admission or even interview for admission to any Canada’s medical university … Average GPA and MCAT: Not published. Medical University of the Americas. Since its founding in 1998, Medical University of the Americas has awarded a Doctor of Medicine degree to nearly 2000 graduates. That is a fairly good list. Integrity in Education is the hallmark by which the Medical University of the Americas operates. When you look at Oregon's disapproval list Office of Degree Authorization - Unaccredited Colleges, it clearly states that they were talking about Medical University of the Americas in Belize and … For those of us that go to a clinical site that is green … Add Indiana (goes by Cali list) and Kansas (has a list similar to Cali though much shorter for approved schools). The medical … Medical University of the Americas is a smaller school located on the island of Nevis in the West Indies. Medical University of the Americas (MUA) Location: Nevis. Medical University of the Americas (MUA) With its establishment over 20 years ago, the Medical University of the Americas adheres to a philosophy of education that believes students are best-taught medicine in small classes, with one-on-one instruction, and with a commitment to providing education on par with U.S. and Canadian medical … This curriculum, in concert with our excellent faculty (all of whom have either an … A new generation of MD’s who come to medicine after achieving success in another field is typified by Dorothy Sparks, a 2006 honors graduate of Medical University of the Americas. Residency match rate: “Since 2001, 88% of MUA graduates seeking residency in the United States and Canada secured positions” American University … Most of those students … Our mission has and continues to be to help students become … For over twenty years, Medical University of the Americas (MUA) has taught thousands of students at our modern facilities in the Caribbean.

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