Mostly it's good as a distraction to keep some of the enemy heat away from you. Once the battle ends, you'll witness a lengthy series of cutscenes. This is easily the toughest battle up to this point in the game, unless you've seriously been leveling up your characters and completing difficult quests. The Last Remnant - GP21b "Quest: Bloody Alice" (P01/02) Tollie Vilma. Ok so I am BR 24 and apparently my unions are rubbish (less than 2000 HP each, I pretty much get insta-killed when a boss attacks them). Next, it's time to focus on the units that remain, leaving the generals for last because they both have far too much HP to go down quickly. Roeas (Nest of Eagles) Category. Talk to her and then head down the stairs. Nest of Eagles battle done cleanly at low BR and with a reduced party size (9 instead of 12), just to show how to beat this battle with low union stats. If I focus on the bosses - my unions get ambushed and raidlocked. Class. Whenever there's a case where you can focus equally well on a strike or magus unit, go for the latter. I'm stuck at the Nest of Eagles. Roeas is the easier enemy in this state so it's recommended to defeat Castanea first. Hopefully, all three of your units are alive and well at this point, which will help immensely. You'll be fine. The Magus squad is the most dangerous so try to take it out at first. Don't expect that group to actively assist you. Investigate that space to find the Belt of Remembrance (a good item to have for the "Amnesia" side quest). Nothing carried over. Location . Instead of closing in, have everyone stand by for a couple turns to build up AP. Roeas (Nest of Eagles) Edit. NEST OF EAGLES GUIDE I just finished this battle and let me tell you it ticked me off royally because of the simple fact that it is almost all luck. A new RPG title utilizing the Unreal Engine 3 for a next-gen role-playing experience. That'll wipe out most enemies instantly. Nest of Eagles battle done cleanly at low BR and with a reduced party size (9 instead of 12), just to show how to beat this battle with low union stats. Don't try to break free of any deadlocks that occur, unless it's to heal a near-terminal unit. The enemy has five groups on the field: Roeas, Castanea and three squads. Eagle Nest is a player skill and mechanic check. The Nest of Eagles Roeas leading the Conqueror's army. You can do it! These reveal quite a bit, though few if any of the details that emerge should come as a total surprise if you've been paying attention. The enemy is reinforced by two additional squads in the first and second turn. Lord David says that your next destination will be Nagapur, but you should make some improvements to your party first. Nest of Eagles. While you're in Athlum, it's also a good idea to head to the Town Square. Check the location page for more details on the fight. You get the option in the first turn and it wipes out all Strike and Magus unions around you. I'm playing PC version. Hit Points. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Jul 28, 2015 @ 3:27pm How to stat grind before Nest of Eagles? Castanea can Multi-Deadlock which combinded with his AoE arts can hurt quite much. You can win this! We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. You should be able to take them out quickly, in one to two turns. First playthrough. Good portion of questing done. That won't happen. Have one union finish Roeas while the other(s) are beating on Castanea. When you've got everything in order and are ready to proceed, make for Nagapur. These should each have similar health going into the fight, at least 1500HP among each of them. Playing next. A boss fight starts as soon you enter the area. If David's troop has 50AP or over, he will be able to use Gae Bolg which will do 80% of the entire battle. A boss battle starts as soon as you enter the area. The Last Remnant > General Discussions > Topic Details. Begin the fight by taking care of the enemies in the upper left corner of the map. Just the last bit of the battle in the nest of eagles. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I did try to keep my BR low. NG+, Hardmode. At the bottom, turn left and walk along the water to find Lord David with a red text bubble overhead. Periodically, you should see opportunities for Rush to use his powerful talisman attack. Browse more videos. Of course, throughout the process you'll want to be aware of more support units flooding the field on behalf of the bad guys. David should then be able to cast Gae Bolg. Boss. The Last Remnant - Boss 08 "Nest of Eagles" (P01/02) Report. Eagle Nest Camera Captures Standoff Between Bald Eagles And Raccoon Intruder. Your number of permitted unions will increase to 5 and you'll be able to bring as many as 15 soldiers (including up to 6 leaders) to any battle.

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