For more details of these cookies and how to disable them, see our cookie policy. Read 1666 Newspapers at NewspaperArchive® and search our 3.10 billion articles about 5.6 billion people with articles spanning 410 years from all 50 states and 33 countries. ]-lane, at the middle of Mark-lane, and at the Tower-dock.Â, On Thursday by the blessing of God it was wholly beat down and extinguished. This created swellings (buboes) in the lymph nodes found in the armpits, groin and neck. the Wind, notwithstanind which it came [?] sparks (as is supposed) upon a Pile of Wooden buildings; but his Royal Highness, who watched there that whole night in Person, by the great labours and diligente [used? Report. The London Gazette. Newspapers from 1940-1969 that are collectibles but not rarities. It must be observed, that this fire happened in a part of the Town, where tho the Commodities were not very rich, yet there were so bulky that they could not well be removed; so that the Inhabitants of that part where it first began have sustained very great loss, but by the best enquiry we can make, the other parts of the Town, where the Commodities were of greater value, took the Alarum so early, that they saved most of their Goods of value, which possibly may have diminished the loss, tho some think, that if the whole industry of the Inhabitants had been applyed to the stopping of the fire, and not to the saving of their particular Goods, the success might have much better, not only to the publick, but to many of them in their own particulars. Beginnings in America. By then it had destroyed 373 acres of the city of London, including over 13,000 houses and 84 churches as well as St Paul’s Cathedral and much of London Bridge. By Barbara Moens . It also informed others outside of the city of what was going on and how they could help in any way. There are plenty of 1966 newspapers to choose from. This article describing the events of the Great Fire of London was published in The London Gazette, Monday September 3 to Monday September 10 1666. The moon landing headline is a rare and highly valuable collectible. Most of the sick in 1665-1666 had bubonic plague. The fire had started in a baker’s shop in Pudding Lane on September 2. In 17th century London fires were common, but none of them had spread so widely or caused as much damage as this. By the favour of God the Wind flickned a little on Tuesday night & the Flames meeting with Brick-buildings at the Temple, by little and little it was observed to lose its force on that side, so that on Wednesday morning we began to hope well and his Royal Highness never dispairing or slackning his personal care, wrought so well that day, assisted in some parts by the Lords of the Councel before and behind it, that a stop was put to it at the Temple church, neer Holborn-bridge, Pie-corner, Aldersgate, [? Admin Tools. Report content as inappropriate. But so as that Evening it unhappily burnt out again a fresh at the Temple, by the falling of [some?] attempts for the quencing it however industriously pursued, seemed insufficient. ], neer the lower end of Coleman-street, at the end of Basing-hall-street, by the Postern, at the upper end of Bishopsgate-street, and Leaden-hall-street, at the Standard in Cornhill, at the Church in Fan-church-street, neer [? What happens if there’s no Brexit trade deal? SHORTCUTS; Find materialS; Events; Services; Visit us; 1666: Houses demolished as London burns A serious fire has taken hold in the City of London, just north of the River Thames. By using this site, you agree we can set and use cookies. After seeking legal guidance, the government of Flanders has sent a copy of the charter to the EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier. Breaking news from the premier Jamaican newspaper, the Jamaica Observer. On the second instant at one of the clock in the Morning there happened to break out, a sad in deplorable fire, in Pudding Lane, neer New Fishstreet, which falling out at that hour of the night, and in a quarter of the town so close built with wooden pitched houses, spread it self so far before day, and with such distraction to the inhabitants and Neighbours, that care was not taken for the timely preventing the further diffusion of it, by pulling down houses, as ought to have been; so that this lamentable Fire in a short time became too big to be mastered by any Engines or working neer it. We have a vast collection of national as well as local old newspapers. From Monday September 3 to Monday September 10 1666 Whitehall, Sept. 8. For a generation it was the only officially sanctioned newspaper, though many periodical titles were in print by the century's end. By POLITICO . The London Gazette was first published as The Oxford Gazette on 7 November 1665.Charles II and the Royal Court had moved to Oxford to escape the Great Plague of London, and courtiers were unwilling to touch London newspapers for fear of contagion. An authentic newspaper makes a splendid gift idea for anyone interested in history or with a special connection to this year in history. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The Gazette was "Published by Authority" by Henry Muddiman, and its first publication is noted by Samuel Pepys in his diary. Choose your desired date below and then select one of our gift packages. In America the first newspaper appeared in Boston in 1690, entitled Publick Occurrences. The first true newspaper in English was the London Gazette of 1666.

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