[Indicate whether breast pumps are also available for partners of male employees.]. In addition to federal law, an individual or committee creating a set of nursing policies can look at other health care providers’ policies to see how an effective policies and procedures manual looks. We recognize that breastfeeding has many benefits for new mothers and their children. [List other components specific to your company’s program]. Sheila Burke, … Employees are also responsible for keeping the general nursing room clean for the next user. In a hospital or clinical setting, a comprehensive set of nursing policies and procedures protects the nurses and the patients from confusion and harm. A well-written policies and procedures manual can protect nurses, doctors and other hospital staff from potentially facing medical malpractice claims from patients who are injured by health care provider error or failure to comply with the standard of care for their conditions. In any workplace, having a list of employee policies and procedures is important for a variety of reasons. Doernbecher Children's Hospital: Policies and Procedures, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Here are the items that topped their policy wish lists. By speaking through a unified voice on policy issues, and supporting nurses to practice to their full license, … This responsibility extends to both designated milk expression areas, as well as other areas where expressing milk will occur. The company provides [hospital grade pump that can be used by more than one employee/or portable personal use electric breast pump that the employee retains] throughout the course of nursing for the employee. Essentia Health—Guidelines for Participation of Patients' Primary Supports and … Nursing Policy and Procedure Documents The RQHR Nursing policies and procedures, developed by RQHR nursing staff, are evidence-informed and based on best practice guidelines. It is expected that all employees will assist in providing a positive atmosphere of support for nursing employees. The documents are intended to provide guidance to nursing … ** Policy included adapted from The Business Case for Breastfeeding, published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration’s Maternal and Child Health Bureau. This policy shall be communicated to all current employees and included in new employee orientation training. When more than one nursing employee needs to use the designated lactation room, employees can use the sign-in log provided in the room to negotiate milk expression times that are most convenient or best meet Employees who wish to express milk during the work period shall keep supervisors informed of their needs so that appropriate accommodations can be made to satisfy the needs of both the employee and the company. Always refer to the procedure manual when you are unsure of how to perform a specific task. These include ensuring that the workplace complies with state law, federal law and industry regulations, eliminating guesswork on employees’ parts when facing new or challenging situations, standardizing the care provided by employees and quickly teaching new employees how to work effectively with the team. For example, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing emphasizes the role of nursing in policy and identifies, in its "Essentials" documents, the expected policy involvement that should be addressed in educational programs at the baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral levels of professional nursing, including advanced practice. Nursing employees who choose to continue providing their milk for their infants after returning to work shall receive: Nursing employees are allowed to nurse or express milk during work hours using their normal breaks and meal times. Here are the items that topped their policy wish lists. Our workplace breastfeeding policyrefer to our provisions for breastfeeding employees. Previously, she's written on entrepreneurship for 99designs and covered business law topics for law firms. Provide an ASL interpreter for all deaf and hard-of-hearing patients. A health care policies and procedures manual should also include employment policies and procedures for nurses like: Lindsay Kramer has been a full-time writer since 2014. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. A health care policies and procedures manual should be written with these requirements in mind and reference them in a clear, complete manner because when such policies are covered in vague or confusing language, the hospital can potentially face legal action from patients who felt they suffered due to policy violations. Prenatal and postpartum nursing classes and informational materials are available for all mothers and fathers, as well as their partners. Policies are guiding principles, while procedures are actionable instructions. [Name of company] [provides/subsidizes/rents] electric breast pumps to assist nursing employees with milk expression during work hours.

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