6. Each model’s blade length approximately matches its name in centimeters. 12. Esav Benyamin MidniteSuperMod. You can also buy a gift box with ten Opinel knives, one of each common size, for about a hundred bucks. Official website of Opinel USA. It is only 3 5/8″ when closed and weighs just 1.2 ounces. Nowadays, the … As a moderately sized knife, the Opinel No 6 has to forego certain valuable characteristics of large and small knives, however; it melds important features of both, making it a worthwhile tool to have: Sharpness: With a slim, carbon steel blade, the Opinel No. 2 (1.4 inch / 35 mm blade) up to No. I can comfortably carry it in the front pocket of my light linen summer pants without even noticing it's there. 6 review reveals manifestation of pure sharpness. Oct 1, 2002. … The No. I have the olivewood. It does require some maintenance because of its carbon-rich steel, but if you take care of it you’ll be rewarded with a handy knife that can handle daily tasks with ease. Nov 25, 2013 #9. manowar669. For this part, we’ll focus on the Opinel pocket knife No. The model I review here is no. 0. | Joseph Opinel designed his first folding knife in 1890, creating a tool that is as robust and functional as it is simple and beautiful. Its unassuming design makes it easier to use around others without raising too many eyebrows. 85,103. 7, which has a blade length of 3 inches. Holiday Gifts Shop Knives; Personalization; About Us . Free U.S. If you are considering an Opinel knife for day to day use, I recommend the Opinel No 6 Carbon Steel Folding knife. If you're having trouble deciding. The No.6 is an excellent general pocket knife that gets the small tasks done. 11’s was stopped in 1935. 12 (4.7 inch / 120 mm). 6 is an affordable folder with a 2.7” carbon steel blade placed firmly in a classic wooden handle. 1, included a ring so that it could be attached to the chain of a pocket watch. This Opinel pocket knife only weighs about 1.6 ounces, … Shipping Over $39. Opinel History; The No.08; Manufacturing; Brand Collaborations; Blog; … Menu. Nov 25, 2013 #10. When it’s in your … I like the no6. I have a stainless #6 in walnut. Its manufacture as well as No. 8 has an 8.5-centimeter (roughly 3.35-inch) blade. Joseph Opinel had the idea of making his knife into different sizes which would be suitable to different hand sizes or used for various tasks. 1 to no. The one piece beech wood handle, simple construction and Virobloc locking mechanism all make for a very lightweight – and light duty – EDC folder. The handle of No. From his workshop at the foot of the French Alps, Opinel forged a cult classic. Somehow it always feels warm, and it's a good looking wood. Apr 6, 2000. So you can certainly dial in your perfect size! However the Opinel pocket knives are manufactured in a variety of sizes ranging from No. Series no. The Opinel No. It's really a … So, in 1897, he developed 12 different sizes numbered from 1 to 12. The smallest knife, named No. The blade is made from a durable carbon steel, it is very sharp (and easy to sharpen) and the handle is made from beechwood. 8 is about 4.4 inches long and typically consists of French beech wood. 8, but most details apply to all models, other than the size. The Opinel pocket knife we have chosen to review here is the Opinel No. It has a blade somewhere between 6 and 7 cm long, a size I think is just about perfect for the Opinel design. Opinel No 6 Review Advantages. 1,821.

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