Equip yourself for on-the-go stargazing fun with the Orion StarBlast 62 mm Compact Travel Refractor today! 0000014576 00000 n We will be glad to help. From a dark sky site away from glaring city streetlights, the Orion StarBlast 62 yields amazing views of large, faint deep sky objects. A threaded T-adapter barrel is included for secure attachment of astrophotography accessories and cameras. InternetSales@optcorp.com, 800-483-6287 0000129672 00000 n 0000003536 00000 n 0000014690 00000 n 0000126090 00000 n 0000007646 00000 n 0000022078 00000 n 0000126486 00000 n 0000136858 00000 n 0000007420 00000 n trailer <<2FD5DA5C062B424EAD561E85374A870C>]/Prev 1255137>> startxref 0 %%EOF 273 0 obj <>stream 0000022632 00000 n 0000137330 00000 n The first thing you'll notice about this petite performer when taking the StarBlast 62 out of its deluxe foam-lined hard carrying case is its exceptional build quality. The StarBlast 62 mm Compact Travel Refractor is very lightweight, tipping the scales at just 3.1-pounds. 0000198966 00000 n Extremely compact at just over a foot long with its lens shade retracted, the f/8.4 StarBlast 62 packs a ton of performance into its small telescope body. 0000004327 00000 n 0000241764 00000 n Add description, images, menus and links to your mega menu, A column with no settings can be used as a spacer, Link to your collections, sales and even external links. This high resolution refractor Optical Tube Assembly (OTA) would be a great first telescope for any interested beginner; and its high quality, exceptional performance and compact size will complement any telescope in a more experienced hobbyists' collection of observing gear. 0000007906 00000 n Use the included 20 mm Plossl eyepiece to obtain wide, 26x views. 0000017771 00000 n Its substantial f/8.4 focal ratio provides sharp views of our planet's celestial neighbors in the night sky. Figure 2. 0000006726 00000 n Please Log in to save it permanently. 0000007532 00000 n InternetSales@optcorp.com, © 2020 OPT Telescopes. The Best Dedicated Astronomy Cameras for Beginners. 0000013177 00000 n These instructions will help you set up and use your StarBlast telescope, please read them thoroughly. 0000094632 00000 n 13 14 0000020452 00000 n 0000129633 00000 n Star clusters such as the Pleiades (M45) and the Double-Cluster of Perseus are beautifully framed by the StarBlast 62 when using the supplied 20 mm eyepiece. Adding specialized filters like an H-beta filter (sold separately) lets you track down more elusive deep sky objects such as Barnard's Loop. 0000019282 00000 n If you’re interested in seeing dim objects like most of the Messier catalog, though, you’ll be far more satisfied with its larger 6-inch cousin, or perhaps an 8″ Dobsonian like the Orion SkyQuest.. Orion StarBlast … 0000005704 00000 n 0000016387 00000 n 0000021048 00000 n Sign up for OPT news, exclusive offers, and updates on the latest gear! Your new StarBlast is easy to use and requires very little assembly. :�)�11dM�J�Le�i=)���4j隶f’�]J-}�L^|Y毫h��6�bi+���E�UF��NKW��Xg���α�cS˩�ˮ\t�K��u��)j��YG�ۺhx. %PDF-1.4 %���� Your wishlist has been temporarily saved. 800-483-6287 0000136793 00000 n 0000008946 00000 n 0000136936 00000 n 0000005140 00000 n 0000070879 00000 n Orion StarBlast II: Amazon.nl Selecteer uw cookievoorkeuren We gebruiken cookies en vergelijkbare tools om uw winkelervaring te verbeteren, onze services aan te bieden, te begrijpen hoe klanten onze services gebruiken zodat we verbeteringen kunnen aanbrengen, en om advertenties weer te geven. 0000008430 00000 n 0000024333 00000 n 0000094549 00000 n 0000084562 00000 n Since this compact refractor makes for a perfect travel telescope, you'll definitely want to bring it along on your next road-trip or camping expedition. 0000006222 00000 n 0000089570 00000 n 0000001616 00000 n 0000007069 00000 n 0000002386 00000 n 0000004685 00000 n During the day, insert the included 45-degree correct-image diagonal into the StarBlast 62 to make it a perfect deck telescope for scanning the scenic horizon or distant wildlife. 0000019903 00000 n The included 4 mm Plossl eyepiece boosts magnification up to a whopping 130x for more powerful views through the 520 mm focal length refractor telescope. This small wonder is capable of showing you the entire list of Messier objects from an observing site with reasonably dark skies. h�b```b``������x�A���b�,_]e{H,�Q� P�(Q��;/3Á9R��&h�:6r��YN����,�B��zӜ.D�N�M��r1�� `ajS��hHn�b��R䖵i��ȿ��7U)�kښ � ���Mj�6. 0000081333 00000 n 0000002488 00000 n 0000126420 00000 n Start Chat 0000090699 00000 n The included hard, foam-lined carry case will help keep the StarBlast 62 mm Compact Travel Refractor safe and clean during transport, and it features cutouts for the included diagonal and eyepieces. All Rights Reserved. This finely crafted refractor telescope is a joy to look at as well as look through! 0000003113 00000 n 0000126602 00000 n Read our 101 article or get in touch. 0000137061 00000 n 0000009370 00000 n 0000011645 00000 n 0000094687 00000 n translation missing: en.products.notify_form.description: Notify me when this product is available: This OTA is a Portable Orion StarBlast 62 mm (2.44-Inch) Aperture f/8.4 Compact Travel Refractor! This high resolution refractor Optical Tube Assembly (OTA) would be a great first telescope for any interested beginner; and its high quality, exceptional performance and compact size will complement any telescope in a more experienced hobbyists' collection of observing gear. 0000095704 00000 n 0000021516 00000 n Read our 101 article or get in touch. 0000095739 00000 n 0000007583 00000 n Powered by Shopify, Orion StarBlast 62mm Compact Travel f/8.4 Quadruplet Refracting OTA Telescope, Crayford Focuser, 46-Degree Correct-Image Diagonal, Orion StarBlast 62 mm f/8.4 Compact Travel Refractor OTA, (2) 1.25-Inch Plossl Eyepieces: 20 mm and 4 mm, 1.25-Inch Diagonal: Deluxe 45-Degree Correct-Image Prism. Still not sure what is the right gear for you? 0000095817 00000 n This portable refractor can be used for almost any type of observing. Details of the focuser. 0000020542 00000 n This OTA is a Portable Orion StarBlast 62 mm (2.44-Inch) Aperture f/8.4 Compact Travel Refractor! The StarBlast will give you breathtaking views of the Moon, planets, and even deep sky objects like the Orion Nebula. 0000009782 00000 n 0000089340 00000 n 208 0 obj <> endobj xref 208 66 0000000016 00000 n We will be glad to help. We only send interesting emails and will never sell your data. The 4.5-inch model is, as you would expect, significantly cheaper. Mounting options for such a petite telescope are plentiful to say the least, and we've equipped the StarBlast 62 with a narrow (Vixen-style) dovetail mounting block that features a 1/4"-20 threaded socket for easy attachment to either dovetail-saddle equipped telescope mounts or standard field or photo tripods. 0000069218 00000 n The 1.25-Inch Crayford focuser of the StarBlast 62 mm Travel Refractor accepts 1.25-inch telescope eyepieces and provides smooth, controlled focus adjustments for sharp, crisp views of any target. 0000073663 00000 n At night, the advanced 4-element, high resolution, fully multi-coated optical design of the StarBlast 62 refractor will let you enjoy great views of the Moon and brighter planets like Jupiter and Saturn. 0000076316 00000 n It's great for catching sharp, detailed views of birds too! 0000003903 00000 n

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