Method: HOME MADE PAPAYA MILK PUDDING Ingredients 2 1/2cups milk 150grams sugar 30grams gelatin 3large eggs 1teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2cup papaya puree Directions Heat the milk in saucepan over a low heat, until it begins to boil. Papaya Pudding / Papaya milk pudding Ingredients Ripe Papaya, cut into small pieces- 2 1/2 cups Sugar - 4 tbsp Milk - 500 ml Milkmaid- 1/2 tin Agar Agar/China grass - 10 gm Vanilla essence - 2 drops Method In a pan, add papaya pieces and sugar and cook till the water dries up. Oct 26, 2019 - #Papaya_ milk_ pudding#Pudding_ recipe #How_ to_ make_ pudding _recipe_ Bangla Check out these cute papaya milk puddings!

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