Add sour cream to cucumbers, and mix well until incorporated. The second summer side-salad I love is a dish typically served during the summer in Poland called ‘Mizeria’, and is made with cucumbers, salt, sour cream and fresh dill. ★☆ Learn how your comment data is processed. ************* My mom used to make this often and it was always one of my favorites. After that, it’s still good, but definitely best if eaten within 2-48 hours of making it. © Hilah Cooking - All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | Website by Marketing Access Pass. Thanks, Sherry! You can also choose whether to peel the cucumber or leave the skin on; traditionally it is peeled for this salad, but you may want to simply wash it and retain the nutrients in the skin before slicing. Put the sliced cucumber into a colander, sprinkle with salt and leave the colander over a bowl. Yes, I find it a little too easy to eat, myself. This was a quadruple recipe, and I drained off a bunch of the liquid just before serving. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notified of new videos. Great easy little recipe, perfect for a hot Sunday afternoon. I forgot about this. ‘Picklers’ are shorter and sometimes sold as ‘Kirby’ or ‘liberty’ cucumbers. 2 large cucumbers, or 3-4 medium or small cucumbers, peeled, Small bunch of fresh dill, finely chopped. Use a fork to score the cucumber lengthwise, all around, cutting through the skin. But this is just like the recipe he made. The liquid was strained off and the cuke was mixed with sour cream. Rinse and drain the sunflower seeds, then add sour cream ingredients to a high-powered blender. Their recipe for cucumber sauce evoked somewhat (in my mind) your cucumber salad recipe. If you like this cucumber salad, take a peek at this great tabouli recipe, it also travels well and can be made ahead of time! It’s so quick, easy and cheap! temperature days. She called it “quick pickles”. As well as being cooling and refreshing, it’s a very handy recipe to have up your sleeve if you’re faced with a glut of cucumbers, or you are looking for a salad to take along to a barbecue. Transfer cucumbers to bowl and toss with 2 tsp salt. Serve it with any grilled meat or even with sandwiches. Ren enjoys cooking with her two children, aged 6 and 4. I make this all the time it’s great! Just let it marinade a little longer. =D for tmrw thanks hun! Carnival season: great global food traditions, Wonderful one-bowl dishes inspired by China, The story behind our magazine’s incredible new Italian issue. They peeled and seeded a cucumber and chopped it finely. 2 medium tomatoes, seeded and diced (about 2 cups) 1 large My fellow teachers and I used to BEG the cafeteria ladies to make cucumber salad for us. For a different twist try it with thinly slices kohlrabi. At least it’s light and pretty healthy! and adjusting, but this here’s a pretty good copy-cat recipe of Steph’s cucumbers’n’onions. I’ve always been somewhat intrigued by the name given to the Polish cucumber salad, since ‘Mizeria’ literally translates as “Misery”! Surprisingly, two of my favourite summer salads don’t feature any salad leaves at all, but instead make the most of hydrating watermelon and cooling cucumber. Add the cucumber, onion, and dill if using. Ooh, you know I found an old recipe for Onion Salad in my grandma’s collection. My dad grown onions called Elissa Craig and they are awesome in this. Thanks for the recipe! Looks like you did add the red bell peppers? Deselect All. 1 1/2 cups boiling water. I guess I have to settle for Vidalia onions. Now, my friend Steph makes this for just about every potluck. Halve each cucumber lengthwise and, with side of chef’s knife, bash it slightly to crush, then cut each half into 4 to 6 chunks. She peeled the cucumber, slice thin,place in a colander along with diced onions , s bit pf salt and pepper and press them for a couple of hours to get all the water out of the cucumbers. I tried to get her recipe once, but she just said, like anyone who’s been improvising the same recipe for years, “a little vinegar, a little sugar, yadda yadda, you know”. You can remove the seeds if you want to (by chopping the cucumber lengthways and using a teaspoon to scoop them out), or simply finely slice the cucumber whole. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen Bermuda onions since I was a kid either. I can’t even GET Bermuda onions in the store. Cucumber salad is also very good with steamed shrimp and pickled ginger! It was OH so refreshing on one of those fiery- Lilla and Carlos both enjoy it more that way because they prefer the texture. They served the cuke sauce over salmon mousse. Long may this fabulous weather continue! Wow, that cucumber sauce recipe sounds really good. Yes, we had a jar of roasted peppers in the cupboard. Share a photo and tag us — we can't wait to see what you've made! She grew up in a food-loving Polish household and now writes a popular family-friendly and seasonally-inspired blog at Cucumber salad is the perfect crisp, cooling accompaniment to hot-off-the-grill chicken, skewers of juicy shrimp, or fall-apart short rib. Yum! Hi Jackson! It was yummy. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. well i will for sure look forward to make this! We used to make it on Sundays after morning church and before evening church. Will try yours and compare – bet they are both delicious. I think it said to slice the onions, them pour boiling water over them, cool, drain, then soak in ice water, drain, and pour over a vinaigrette. 2 large cucumbers, peeled and diced; 2 large tomatoes, diced; 1 medium green pepper, diced; 1 medium onion, diced; 1 bottle (8 ounces) fat-free Italian salad dressing; Sugar substitute equivalent to 2 teaspoons sugar Thanks for commenting! ★☆ Reminds me of the one I’ve had at German restaurants a few times. Apparently cucumbers are a good source of fisetin, which studies have associated with protecting nerve cells, improving memory and decreasing the risk of Alzheimer’s …. I cut a couple up and mixed them in for color.

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