Gluten-free . Put the potatoes and sweet potatoes in a large saucepan and cover with cold water by 1 inch. It's great as a topping for shepherd's pie or fish pie, or as a veggie side dish, As an alternative to a classic comforting mash, try roasting sweet potatoes and crushing with spicy smoked chilli paste, A barbecue twist on conventional sweet potato mash with smoky skins, spring onions and a squeeze of lime, Roast sweet potatoes whole then mash the smooth flesh with creamy coconut and tangy lime, coriander and spicy chilli, This low-fat mash is great for brightening up your plate and tastes delicious with grilled pork chops, The secret to this shepherd's pie filling is to choose big carrots so they don’t lose their texture when cooked, This pie is loosely based on the flavours of an American sloppy joe, but we've topped it with mash as an alternative to the traditional cottage pie, Spiced red lentil dhal is topped with creamy sweet potato mash in these individual vegetarian pies - a cheap weeknight dinner option, Swap mashed potato for vibrant sweet potato and bulk out your lean lamb or beef mince with red lentils for a slimmer take on this comforting classic, Shepherd's pie lovers will love the new addition of spices and apricots in this make-ahead crowd pleaser, Fragrant, tender chicken and creamy sweet potato mash makes a comforting and low-fat midweek meal, Perfect for the whole family, this freezable pie makes a great meal for toddlers and teens alike and has plenty of hidden veg, Combine sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips and celeriac in this creamy mash with a lovely nutty finish - drizzle with optional hazelnut oil, Whizz your roots into a smooth, creamy mash, then bake with breadcrumbs, cream, cinnamon and nutmeg, This satisfying dish is packed full of zingy flavours, and it's low-fat too, Spice up white fish fillets with a flavoured butter and serve with fluffy sweet potato mash, Try this Asian-inspired salmon supper with a nutty sesame dressing, crisp veg and comforting sweet potato mash. Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice. Swap regular mash for a sweet potato version, full of vitamin C and fibre. Good Food DealReceive a free Graze box delivered straight to your door. Vegetarian . Sweet Potato vs. 6 ratings 4.9 out of 5 star rating. Place potatoes into a large pot and cover with salted water; bring to the boil. Cover and bring to the boil, then simmer, half covered, for 15-20min until tender. Easy . 1 sweet potato; Half a squash (butternut, pumpkin or what’s in season) Method Peel and dice both vegetables, and boil or steam until tender. Drain very well and leave to steam dry for a couple of minutes. Email. Bring to the boil over high heat, then reduce heat to medium-low, cover and simmer … Place potatoes in a large pot and cover with at least 5cm of water. Recipe Summary. More. Place the sweet potatoes and butternut squash into a large pot and cover with water. Boil the potatoes in salted water for 10 mins or until tender, how long they take will depend on the size of the cubes. Facebook Tweet. Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer until tender, about 20 minutes; drain. STEP 2 Tip … Mash or blend together with a little of your baby's usual milk until a suitable consistency. Raghavan Iyer. Season generously with salt. According to the USDA, one medium baked sweet potato with skin contains 103 calories, 2.29 grams of protein, 0.27 grams of fat, 23.6 grams of carbohydrates, 3.8 grams of fiber and 7.39 grams of sugar Transfer potatoes to … Sweet potatoes are often touted as being healthier than white potatoes, but in reality, both types can be highly nutritious. We've got plenty of ideas for this versatile root veg. Serve a side of mashed sweet potato alone, mixed in with other vegetables and spices or as a topping on classics such as shepherd's pie. Place in large stock pot and fill with water until potatoes are covered by 1” water. Swap regular mash for a sweet potato version, full of vitamin C and fibre. Boil the potatoes in salted water for 10 mins or until tender, how long they take will depend on the size of the cubes. Sweet potato & orange mash with sage butter drizzle, Veggie shepherd’s pie with sweet potato mash, Family meals: Easy beef stew with sweet potato topping, Mashed peppered roots with toasted hazelnuts, Ginger & lime chicken with sweet potato mash, Sesame salmon, purple sprouting broccoli & sweet potato mash, Sesame halloumi parcels with sweet potato tahini mash & chopped herb salad, Chicken wrap with sticky sweet potato, salad leaves & tomatoes, Weaning recipe: Slow-cooked lamb & veg with sweet potato & carrot mash, Tandoori tilapia with spicy sweet potato mash & tomato salad.

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