Includes: thermocouple, pilot light, spark ignitor, temperature probe, and a 3/8"ID gas hose. In theory, these smokers are portable due to their reliance on propane. Construction. The propane smoker with a temperature range from 100-500 degrees Fahrenheit is more versatile since it can serve a variety of dishes such as dry jerky, prime rib, smoked salmon, etc. But the Masterbuilt GS40 Black Propane Smoker struggles in the drip/water pan department. With a wider temperature range, this unit is great for ovens, fryers, griddles, BBQ pits, or smokers. I simply use a gas burner bought at Cabelas connected to a tank of propane and use the regulator for adjustment. I installed a needle valve, safety shutoff valve, and a solenoid valve with PID controller to maintain propane flow and smoker temperature to my masterbuilt 40 inch propane smoker. Temperature Range. Consider the bottom one as the air intake for the fire and the top one is the draft that pulls the air through. Advantages of the vertical propane smoker: Vertical propane smokers are relatively inexpensive, $250 or less, though more money—up to $500—will buy sturdier construction and more smoking capacity. Since the temperature control range of this unit is wider, it permits use in a … Your smoker should have two vents, one at the bottom by the firebox and one on the top and by varying the apertures you can get perfect smoker temperature control. Clean once the smoker has cooled down. The best gas smokers vary in terms of features, cooking area, temperature control options, warming racks, double doors, multiple cooking racks and smoking racks, and accouterments such as push-button ignition and WiFi-enabled digital thermometers. A propane smoker with good quality construction will be much more durable as it is thick-gauge and sturdy enough to last many years. And one more thing the Masterbuilt GS40 Black Propane Smoker gets right is the temperature gauge. Pretty cheap and easy to set up. Propane smoker temperature controller and safety shutoff I first posted this elsewhere but thought some of you guys would appreciate it too. The pan is very small, and some users get around this with a … But you do have to keep and eye on the temp and adjust as needed. It is very accurate, which is a big plus. In my large gas fired smoker I control it manually by adjusting a regulator.

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