“Reclaiming these timbers also allows me to personally make a contribution to sustaining and celebrating Brazil’s resources.”. Verbaut werden bei den PRS Reclaimed Wood die neuen Hölzer in den Modellen CE24 Semi-Hollow und in der S2 Vela Semi-Hollow, dabei besteht die Decke aus Peroba Rosa und das Griffbrett aus Brauna Preto. • Contact PRS Europe 01223 874301 www.prsguitarseurope.com. • Neck Depth 21.4mm at nut, 23.2mm at 12th fret We caught up with the man himself to talk tone, finding beauty in corners, and why there’s something very special about a black sparkle finish…, The mysterious multi-instrumentalist, producer and guitar-builder discusses his recently released EP, why guitars should look cooler than they sound, and being a body double for Sacha Baron Cohen. • Weight 6.4lbs/2.9kg It certainly mixes the styles a little and our bolt-on CE 24 Semi-Hollow is nicely weighted (slightly under the standard solidbody CE 24) with a journeyman player’s vibe - quite a contrast to PRS’s ‘posh’ aesthetic. View our current job openings and join our team! Show yourself and your gear some love with PRS parts, accessories, and apparel. PRS Guitars Senior Wood Manager, Michael Reid, sourced these woods from old buildings, noting … This unique reclaimed wood was discovered by long time PRS employee and friend of the company, Michael Reid. Country music superstar Brad Paisley has a new signature Fender guitar - an Esquire with a secret weapon. It's a collaboration with keyboard player David Garfield. Made in Korea Official PRS Guitars Forum. Paul Reed Smith and Michael began their working relationship in 1980 -- before the inception of PRS Guitars. Choose one of our Private Stock models or let us build your dream instrument. The Australian guitarist on her Gibson signature model, Flying Vs, fuzz and why she didn’t sweat the small stuff on new album, O. Signature Club is open to anyone with an interest in PRS. PRS’s senior wood manager Michael Reid recently went further afield to Brazil to source wood from old buildings for his company’s Reclaimed Limited series, which includes a CE 24 Semi-Hollow model in addition to this Vela. From the company’s offshore range and affordable USA line respectively, the SE 245 Zebrawood and Reclaimed S2 Vela Semi-Hollow are familiar models rendered with some interesting timber choices. PRS Guitars is proud to offer a small batch of Reclaimed Limited instruments that showcases two exotic wood species new to PRS: Peroba Rosa and Brauna Preto. This reclaimed wood, which is native to southeastern Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, is typically … The Vela is the maiden voyage into an offset body shape for PRS and is both elegant and edgy. Brauna Preto (photo below), typically used as the supporting posts of these old buildings, is used for the fretboards due to its tight-grain and sustain. This is a Limited ( 1 of 300 ) Reclaimed Wood S2 Vela. It’s a little softer and less aggressive than some twin-humbucker, single-cut guitars, but whether such a thin slice of zebrawood has a significant effect on this guitar’s accent is debatable. The pinnacle of PRS design, materials, and execution. This is the PRS Paul Reed Smith CE 24 Semi-Hollow Body Reclaimed Wood Guitar. 2017 PRS S2 "Reclaimed Wood" Vela Date of manufacture St. Patrick's Day 2017. These guitars are finished in Natural satin nitro. Key Features, PRS Reclaimed Limited S2 Vela Semi-Hollow By leaving the Peroba in its most “original” form, every instrument is rendered unique with each top boasting its own character. • Neck Width 42.1mm at nut, 52.4mm at 12th fret The Vela (the Latin word for a ship’s sails, ‘wakefulness’ in Spanish and the name of a constellation) is the product of the Maryland company’s S2 line, which is also home to the company’s similarly leftfield Mira and Starla, as well as Standard, Custom and Singlecut models. Five years on from the King Of The Blues’ death in 2015, aged 89, a new movie featuring Wendell Pierce as BB is in the works. Both come in new semi-solid style, because apparently the top wood is relatively heavy. Niklovaný hardware sestává z vibrata PRS uchyceného šesti šrouby a uzamykatelných strojků PRS LMLT. Production on these Reclaimed Limited guitars will be capped at approximately 600 instruments, but the order window for Authorized PRS Dealers is from March 9 – April 30, 2017 only. We put them to the test…. With the emphasis on making US-built PRS guitars affordable for the many rather than the well-heeled few, S2 guitars are manufactured in the same Stevensville factory as the company’s higher-priced ‘Core’ models but on a separate, faster production line using a mixture of USA and imported hardware and pickups.

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