Thread starter Chubbles; Start date Mar 12, 2020; Chubbles Member. All of the replacement mini tuners I have seen such as Grover and Gotoh require a 10mm or 13/32 diameter hole. The peg holes and stock tuners aren't average either, I want to install Gotoh split shaft tuners but I need to ream the peg holes larger, here's why: The Peg holes are 7.80mm. The main task of the cutting fluid is to deliver coolant directly to the cutting zone, resulting in longer tool life and good chip evacuation. The original bushings are 6.15 inner diameter and 8.30 outer diameter. I know I have read that you need to ream them and not drill. Jan 27, 2016 #1 I've just received a Warmoth bass neck, and my plan is to install the tuning pegs I have from an old MIJ Pbass. The Gotoh split shaft tuner's shaft is 6.33mm. May 7, 2010 #1 Got a neck with 9mm holes - I have spare sets of 10mm tuners. Thread starter Che_Guitarra; Start date Jan 27, 2016; Che_Guitarra Member. Pre-made holes in castings or forgings are characterized by an uneven surface with high roughness, which contributes to faster wear of the twist drills. Mar 12, 2020 #1 I found this a long time ago. For through holes, make sure there is space for the chips to be evacuated; When reaming thin walled components, make sure the clamping force is uniform around the component; Cutting fluid for reaming. ... Once you re done reaming the holes… I'll note it spend many decades without bushings and if the holes … Also, you have learned the difference between drilling, boring and reaming. Enlarging tuner holes - Reaming. Re: Reaming tuner holes Chances are that you will have to ream the holes if you use the bushings. Reaming out tuner holes. So this will help you to make more perfect holes. enlarging tuner holes on headstock. I now find out that the holes in the headstock are about 8mm or 5/16. The original tuner's shaft is 6.00mm. Criterion for machining in solid material or pre-made holes in the blank (figure 2). You can see that the main difference is basically on how you make the holes. Holes for fastening screws do not require high accuracy and are made in the workshop accuracy class (IT14-15). Messages 4,170. Thread starter mannish; Start date May 7, 2010; M. mannish Member. Geez, I am trying to replace the old tuners on my 20 year old project Japanese Strat copy. Now that you know about drilling, boring and reaming individually, it will be a lot easier for you to make holes on a work piece. Messages 101. Messages 9,498.

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