A 16-inch drill press will have an 8-inch throat distance. For those looking for a little more versatility in their workshops without taking up too much space, the Shop Fox 13” 3/4 HP Bench-Top Oscillating Drill Press is an ideal, high-range solution. The size of a drill press is determined by its swing. Features and Benefits: You can start your projects at the workshop and finish them at your own house with the great Rikon benchtop drill press which can sometimes be time-saving. A digital readout on the front of the machine tells you the precise rpm you’re set at. The Rikon 8 Inch drill press is a highly portable drill press model. Variable Speed. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. 3.8 out of 5 stars 45 ratings. RIKON 30-100 8" Benchtop Drill Press 8" Benchtop Drill Press #30-100 is a small size machine that is popular with craftspeople and hobbyists that do not need a lot of power or capacity when drilling small holes in their projects. It’s measured as twice the distance from the center of the spindle to the closest edge of the column or post. Whether you need to drill through a thin piece of wood or a heavy piece of metal, this drill press is ready for any job. If you cannot find your model or part, please call (877)-884-5167; Canadian customers please email parts@rikontools.com; Shipping times can range from 7-10 business days for standard shipments It is a great choice for you if you are transferring it often from your workshop to your house for example. Currently unavailable. The small overall size and weight is also perfect for storage and transporting. You should choose the size of a drill press depending on what size hole you need to drill in … It boasts a 5/8-inch drill chuck to accommodate large drills bits, while the 12-speed operation delivers complete control over a variety of materials and applications. Wen 4214 vs. Rikon 30-212VS Drill Press Discussion in ' Shop Talk - BladeSmith Questions and Answers ' started by honingblades , Jan 13, 2020 . Rikon 30-100 8 Inch Bench Top Drill Press Tradesmen of all kinds can find use for the Rikon 8" drill press. Paid Subscribers don't see ads! The Rikon 17” VS has a speed range of 550-2300 rpm. Check out our Rikon drill press review. Change rpm by turning a dial on the left side if the head, while the machine is running. 5 Spindle Speeds 620-3100 RPM. Rikon Power Tools 30-100 Drill Press, 8-Inch by RIKON Power Tools. It is just as helpful in the carpenter's wood shop for woodworking as it is in the mechanics shop for metal work.

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