I've mainly tried it on vocals and acoustic guitars but I imagine it's good on many sources but IME not amplifiers. It has a very … I … Rode's K2 … The K2 has a very classic sound to it once you start changing the tubes you will see how much better this microphone can get than what it already is. It's very warm and rich. I have heard it on acoustic guitar … Rode K2 Mic The Rode K2 large diaphragm condenser microphone is absolutely the best mic that I've ever used for recording vocals, acoustic guitar, violin, ukulele, and djembe. I particularly liked this mic for strummed acoustic guitar played in a pop style, as you get a punchy, no-nonsense result that sounds almost as though it's been slightly compressed, with no ragged edges. Price Guide Estimated Value. RODE K2 Large Diaphragm Multipattern Tube Condenser Microphone. Peak Of Achievement? 10. References: R Rode K2 Rode K2 … The Rode K2 is very good for vocals and a few different instruments. ... acoustic guitar (out of this world) and many more! I can't offer comparisons with other tube mics but currently I don't feel the need to buy another. $410 - $590.

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