The GS Mini’s sparkling highs, crystal clear mids and tight low end offer a cut-price slice of Taylor tone - and it serves as a kick-ass recording acoustic guitar too. The Taylor loses out to the Martin on electronics, however - there are none as standard here, and Taylor… However, it's fairly safe to say that Seagull S6 Original is a more popular acoustic … This guitar produced tons of sound with the brightness and clarity you’d expect from a Taylor, but at a reduced size compared to the other full-sized guitars. The neck was straight and the action was very low. I don't like my Performer quite as much, I think the Maritime mini jumbo … Best for kids: Taylor – GS Mini. The Seagull Maritime SWS Mini Jumbo HG is also a bit easier to hold than the Dreadnought sizes, and larger than the folk, but having a slightly thinner depth from top to back. The Taylor – GS Mini may be small, but it packs a huge punch. While the Baby Taylor is a ¾-size dreadnought and the GS Mini is a smaller Grand Symphony, if we compare them physically, the latter has a more defined lower bout. I played my $700 Seagull mini Jumbo against several Taylors and had to get up to a $2000 model (310 or 410 I forget) before I liked the Taylor better. And, from the specifications tabulated above, one can safely say that indeed, the GS Mini is quite bigger than the Baby Taylor … If you want something larger … Baby Taylor vs GS Mini: Design. So Taylor GS Mini Mahogany tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than Seagull S6 Original, as seen on the chart below.

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