Try the passage in the following figure; it isnt that difficult. He eventually got around to tuning a guitar to open D, placing it across his lap, and teaching himself to play slide with a socket wrench. The slide doesnt do that much, but what it does is very effective, even in small doses. Try focusing on the top two high strings, the E string and the B string. Here are some common slide (open) tunings: Reference: Standard tuning E-A-D-G-B-E (Eric And Duane’s Guitar Beats Everything) Open G: D-G-D-G-B-D (the most common slide tuning, EC’s favorite Dobro tuning). Standard tuning features the root of the chord on the top string and an interval of a fourth between the first and second strings. This is done using open tuning. In this slide guitar lesson, I’m going to break down a slide guitar lick that is played in standard tuning and can be used over any 12 bar blues progression. Because the lower note is the fifth of the chord it makes for powerful-sounding licks. Use open G tuning if you want to sound (a bit) like Robert Johnson Open G tuning… It can break the neck. When playing particular music types, it’s often easier to tune your guitar so that chords are played instead of individual notes. You can use standard tuning or you can create any tuning that sounds good to you, apply a slide, and you are ‘in’ slide guitar tuning. Standard Tuning Slide Guitar is a compilation of slide guitar techniques accumulated by author and über-guitarist Greg Koch for over 30 years. *Blues slide guitar player CeDell Davis used a butterknife for his slide work. It seems like everyone is kinda mystified about how to play slide guitar in standard tuning. To begin with, let’s look at a map of the fretboard: Then let’s look at one of the most popular open tunings, Open G, and compare it, from low to high strings, to standard tuning: Standard Tuning: E A D G B E. Open G Tuning: D G D G B D. Notice the D, G and B strings … So there isn’t an official or ‘proper’ tuning to use when playing slide guitar. Sometimes playing your guitar in standard tuning just isn’t enough. You do not have to, and it is not necessarily the most entertaining, but it may be a great way to start practicing. Standard Tuning Slide Guitar is a compilation of slide guitar techniques accumulated by author and uber-guitarist Greg Koch for over 30 years. A great way to get started with slide guitar is to play in standard tuning, which allows you to focus on all the essentials of fret-hand touch and pick-hand articulation without having to address the issue of re-learning the fretboard and chord forms in an alternate tuning. Damn you probably know even more major chords now than you did in standard tuning, and that can only be a good thing. The easiest and safest way to play slide guitar in standard tuning is by playing melodies on a single string. “In those days [the late 1960s and early ’70s], there weren’t really any teaching materials available, so I had to work it out by ear,” Manx says. Never tune a string above standard tuning, at least with an acoustic guitar and heavy strings. So in order to achieve an Open E tuning you will want to tune the guitar … “Listening to Ry Cooder, David Lindley, and Jerry Douglas, I was able to hear the possibilities.” Pretty darn cool if you ask me. The slide guitar part to this song is in Open E Tuning. Slide guitar is not, at its essence, about which tuning you use. The second through fourth strings are D G B which is an inversion of the G chord or could be part of Em7 and numerous other chord, E A D Asus4 (inv) OR … What this means is that once we retune the guitar to Open E we will be able to strum all 6 strings without fretting any notes and it will ring out an E chord. The first decision is what kind of slide to use — glass, metal or ceramic. Tune down if possible. Warren Haynes, who famously took over for Duane Allman when Dickey Betts reunited the Allman Brothers, began playing slide guitar in standard tuning because he had not yet learned that there was such a thing as open slide guitar tuning. To get started using the slide, try the passage in the following figure, which is in standard tuning. by Steve Flack Slide Guitar Licks in Standard Tuning Root 5 E Mixolydian with b3 7 9 6 7 9

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