SWAMP ASH. by itself, i don't believe mahogany gives the same acoustical response that ash does. Ash comes in two varieties: Northern Hard Ash and Swamp Ash. That said, although I am solidly in the swamp ash camp, my latest jazzyfirecaster thang is Alder because the body maker didnt have any swamp ash and refused to let me send him some. my feeling is that swamp ash is acoutstically snappy with good balance over the whole spectrum, whereas mahogany is an all around wood which complements its laminates well (maple, walnut, etc). I want to replace a strat-like guitar body and I can't decide between Swamp Ash and Mahogany. I could be wrong. Some say the opposite. However there are no other sources online or off that corroborate this claim. Some say mahogany is soft and Swamp Ash is bright. Swamp ash is a cut of ash that is submerged below the water line, and what you’ll frequently see referenced as “hard ash” is wood taken from above the water line. Re: weight of swamp ash strat vs. alder strat? Swamp Ash | Lumber Guide | 8/4 Wood. I've heard different things from different people. I thought the mahogany body was recorded ever so slightly louder than the others - 1/2 - 1dB. I remembered a couple of years ago ibanez J-custom line has made some 8 string gutiars ,and the body wood usually is mahogany , and 8's changed to swamp ash. Others say that Swamp Ash has scooped mids. I want to get great rock sound, full and reach. Well i'm getting ready to make a guitar and I was wondering what wood I should use. Mahogany tone wood is a relatively heavy choice, and you’ll feel the weight of it more than Basswood, Alder and Ash around your shoulder. It’s less popular, and generally heavier and slightly more midsy. one is made from spanish cedar, and the other has a swamp ash … kind of interesting.. i have two roscoe 6 strings now. well it seems quite normal that the Mahogany with cap would be the heaviest of the three. Northern Hard Ash is the heavier of the two. Taken on average, Alder is the lighter weight of the two woods, with Strat® bodies usually weighing in at around 4 pounds. A Gibson Les Paul will typically weigh anywhere from 9 … Solid Strat® bodies of Northern Hard Ash usually weigh 5 pounds or more. Alder and Swamp ash should be about the same in weight … There are many kinds of ash trees. Weight. Like alder, swamp ash is a classic solid body guitar wood. For use in electric guitar bodies, the American ash species – Fraxinus Americana – is the one in prominent use. American Ash is a native North American hardwood found on … I am a little confused. Swamp Ash wood is a lightweight low density wood used by luthiers.Typically, it is used by guitar builders to make Ash guitar body blanks.. Interestingly, Wikipedia lists green ash or red ash (fraxinus pennsylvanica) as the same specie. Alder (Light –Medium Weight) Swamp Ash (Relatively Lightweight) Basswood (Lightweight) Mahogany (Relatively Heavy) ... Les Pauls are made out of a thick slab of mahogany, which is one of the heaviest woods. and also , prs' new 8 string uses swamp ash. The demonstrator says it is sound of the body itself. Lastly, the very light weight of swamp ash obviously has ergonomic benefits.

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