Sensitivity: 1.0 mV/µbar (–60 dB re 1 V/dyne/cm, Impedance: 50/200 ohms (change solder lugs), Mains Connection: 110/125/145/220/245 volts, Weight: 1 lb. The Telefunken C-12 features its CK12 capsule, Haufe manufactured output stage and 6072a vacuum tube, … Transformer: Haufe T14/1. Sensitivity: 24.5 mV/Pa, ±1 dB. The extended low frequency response and new headgrille do a lot for this.-Capsule - Same CK12-style edge terminated capsule as the AR-51-Tube - This has been changed to the same 6072A we use in our 251E and C12. Output Impedance: 200 Ω. Tube: TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik VF14K. The C12 shares a capsule, tube, and amplifier-circuit similarities with the Telefunken Ela M 251E, which was commissioned by Telefunken and built by AKG. If there were ever a microphone that was the epitome of classic, hi-fidelity sound, it would be the C12. The AKG C 12 is considered “the holy grail” of micro­phones by audio engineers for its beautiful three-dimensional vocal quality—a result of the combination of its hand-tensioned, edge-terminated AKG capsule and the rare GE 6072 triode tube. THD at 1kHZ at 1Pa (Amplifier): < 0.25%. I mentioned in another thread that while utilizing the tele c12 and the the c12 remic setting in the UAD ocean way plugin, the wet and dry frequency response and tone was just about the same. I bought this on ebay five years ago and rewired it in the spirit of the ELA M 250. It has been specially designed for use in sound recording and broad­casting studios, and is the choice of many studios both at home and abroad.Nine different directional characteristics can be selected by means of a remote control unit without any change in frequency response or sensitivity. S/N Ratio: 85 dBA The result is a microphone with superior high frequency detail, a rich and powerful low end, and a delicate and intimate "air" that is usually found only in microphones several times the price. Dimensions: 184 mm L x 48 mm Dia. Telefunken Copperhead Frequency Response of Beckett Keery Read about Telefunken Copperhead Frequency Response storiesor see Sacoche [2020] and on En Kyckling. Also, the tube in the 251 was inverted, to shorten the distance between the capsule and the tube connection. Transformer: TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik BV8. Weight: 430 g. … 50.000 producten staan klaar voor verzend. The first M 49 mics were manufactured with M 7 capsules, and Mayhak Hamburg power supplies were used. The ability to change the capsule's polar response variably between cardioid, omnidirectional and figure 8 (and six intermediate patterns between) from the power supply instead of with switches on board the microphone made the C12 the one of most versatile large diaphragm tube microphone of its time. Here are Telefunken Copperhead Frequency Response Stories. The AKG catalog boasted that the S12 could alter the mic’s polar pattern “without clicking or other disturbing noises [up]on switching,” and further that neither the mic’s sensitivity nor frequency response varied with the pattern. Sensitivity: 1.54 mV/Pa, ±1 dB. Capsule: TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik CK12 - Edge Terminated Large Diaphragm. Most important, the head grilles are different, so acoustics are also different.The photo of the black mic is not an AKG model but was made by an east German company by the name of Thiele, a rather unknown brand from the forties and fifties. In additional to various voltage differences, the Telefunken-branded mics had pattern-control switches on the microphone body — whereas the C12 put the pattern switch on the external power supply. February 2008 update, thanks to Mr. Holger de Buhr: “The truth is that the first remote-controllable multi-pattern large-diaphragm micro­phone was the M 49, originally designed by the Nordwestdeutsches Rundfunk, Hamburg, in 1949 (early postwar German state broadcaster, later NDR and WDR). The 250 has two patterns, Omni and Cardioid. 12.8 ozs. Output Impedance: 325 Ω. Sensitivity: 10 mV/Pa, ±1 dB. Specifications Later the M 49 used K 47 capsules and Neumann Berlin power supplies.”. Der Mittenbereich wird klar und deutlich eingefangen und verleiht dem Signal eine natürliche Präsenz während der Tiefenbereich kompakt und fokussiert abgebildet wird. Of course Neumann still made the U 47 for many years. TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik is proud to manufacture the C-12 once again. Transformer: TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik T80. telefunken c12 Wie schon das Original bietet das C12 von Telefunken einen seidenweichen und luftigen Höhenbereich ohne dabei hart oder künstlich zu wirken. Capsule: CK12 - 25mm Edge Terminated Diaphragm, Polar Pattern: 9-Pattern Variable including Omnidirectional, Cardioid and Bidirectional, Power Supply: M 910 - 7 Pin Female XLR Input, 3 Pin Male XLR Output, Polar Pattern Selector, Cable: M 810 - 25 ft Sommer Cable, Vintage Compatible 8 Pin Female Stand Mount, 7 Pin Male XLR, Flight Case: FC10 - Vintage Style Locking Combination Flight Case, FC10S for Stereo Set. It works great and I have used it on the KPIG live radio shows on Sunday mornings with Sleepy John. TELEFUNKEN AR-51. The AKG C 12 is a studio condenser micro­phone of the highest professional quality. Frequency Range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz, ±3 dB. The design of the C12 was unique in its remote capsule polarizing technology. Frequency Range: 50 Hz - 18 kHz, ±3 dB. Its CK 12 capsule was the first to have the acoustic “fingerprint” in its frequency response for which other AKG micro­phones have become famous: a small dip at around two kHz and a well-chosen presence rise. Output Impedance: 200 Ω. The Telefunken C12 Multi-Pattern Tube Microphone is a historic replica of the renowned AKG C-12 vintage tube microphone. The unit shown in these photographs was won on eBay for $6,862 on October 23, 2005. C 12 Microfoon met slang. The tube is covered by a 90-day warranty. Frequency Range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz, ±3 dB. Considered by many to be the finest sounding microphone ever produced, original C-12 microphones are still in use in recording studios throughout the world. The C 12 is still influencing the art of large-diaphragm condenser recording micro­phones more than fifty years after its introduction.

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