I'm new to ukulele (and instruments in general) but wanted to pick up a hobby I could obsess over. Your email address will not be published. Copyright © 2008 - 2020 Got A Ukulele / Barry Maz - All Rights Reserved, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. I wonder though if this would have the effect of also lowering the strings in the strumming area and cause the strumming hand to brush against the body. So there it is, a much simpler process than I anticipated and I successfully managed to lower the action on my ukulele with losing a finger or breaking my uke. This solves one problem, but causes an even bigger one. If the strings are too high from the fretboard it will be difficult to play. I am not afraid of mucking it up. If it noticeably presses on the first fret, that would indicate the nut is too low and needs raising on that string. Hi. With more than 3mm at the 12th fret, the ukulele seen above would be much easier to play with lower action. Click the logo to help. If you have measured the action that the 12th and it is high I would wager that it will STAY high. Here’s how I did it…. I bought my uke last week and found that when practicing I was often touching the C string when pressing the G string. (I think its very very useful to have the written stuff PLUS the video!). If they’re too close then you may get some buzzing. I have not changed the string as it is a brand new uke. With your newly adjusted saddle you can simply slide it back into place on your bridge and tighten your strings back up. If that didn’t work, I’d try Winsor Newton Brush Cleaner which can remove hardened “varnishes”. Hi. stroke the saddle back and forth on the grit. I might need to make a new bridge was watching a video about a spongebob uke, I think the distance might be incorrect after I saw that video! No, that's not quite what I meant. This is something I need to do. Pretend your thumb is a capo, and just squeeze down. You can always write a blues song about it. Will still need doing at the nut though, but equally you can fix the nut and not touch the saddle. Won’t budge. With the saddle removed I then put a marker on it 1mm from the bottom. i think this is only true when the action at/around the 1st position is (a theoretical) 0mm. I will try doing as advised by you.However, in case i need to raise the nut on that string will it be possible to do it myself? Action is great at saddle. The action is high (about 4-4.5mm at the 12th fret), but the intonation is good. Does it affect the intonation? The import store that made my ukulele wasn’t thinking when they designed it, so the saddle is basically permanently glued down onto the uke. Wondering how do I remove the bridge and I'd like to make a wooden replacement? If the 3rd fret test checks out (and a bit of daylight is just fine - just so long as there isn't several mm there) - they I would strongly advise not to take it down. I actually deliberately dealt only with the saddle for the simple reason that reducing the nut is a lot more difficult.If the nut is easily removed, yes you can take some off the bottom, but the margins are much much smaller. The buzzing is really cramping my zen thing. I can’t get it loose. And it did. Appreciate any help. You will make your knot in the strings at the bridge when you are stringing your ukulele. I don't want to accidentally take too much off! Then checking action at 12th fret and sanding down saddle will work. Typically at the nut end the action will be quite low but the further you get up the neck it will be higher and this is where it really starts to affect your playing. Why not file groves where each string touch the saddle ? Could be a high fret further up. I would like to remove the plastic bridge and replace with a wooden one, any advice welcome, how to pull the plastic bridge off? If you enjoy this blog, donations are welcomed to allow me to invest more time in bringing you ukulele articles. If it is high, you do need nut files for the right gauge and it's very tough to write an article on how to do it. to keep the bottom of a saddle perpendicular to the sides. LY ON EACH STROKE. I used a fine line sharpie and the steel ruler that I’d measured the action with. Thank you for that whole host of possible solutions to unstick the saddle. However, the 3rd string buzzes when i strum it. imho you made a calculating error: somewhere in the vid you say: "when the string is 2mm too high at the 12th fret, you have to lower the bridge by 4mm." I find that factory setups also have a saddle that is too short. Getting the saddle right isn't just about making it easier for playing up the fretboard - it also critically affects intonation and ease of strumming. Setting up an ukulele is done by adjusting the nut and the saddle. Doesn't really matter if it's a new uke - you need to rule out the strings first. The strings will take a lot of tightening to get back to the right pitch. To get the optimum action at the first fret, press the string at the 3rd fret and the string should just clear the first fret by about the thickness of a piece of paper. And thanks for the comment on the Kala PWC; it makes me feel better on my choice since I've been second guessing it for weeks now. When I get my next one (no one has just one, right? Even had defective strings out of brand new packets!! beginners pack featuring tips, chords, worksheets and more! Nice article, Barry. I may need to make taller saddles for ukes after I lower the action at the nut in order to hit this mark. I am far from disappointed, but I didn't notice at the time that the action was a bit high at both the nut and at the 12th fret. I measure 2.5mm clearance at the 12th fret, so probably no room for reduction. REGARDING “The saddle is stuck.” Eventhough I’m NOT a woodworker, my guess is that unless an unknowing person put glue in the slot, the slot is simply gunked up and some solvent would loosen the saddle. You can set a perfect saddle regardless of the nut. make a fence 6 inches long 1 inch wide and 1/8 inch thick. Working great ! Can some experienced uke player please tell me if this too much? Could the problem be with the nut? Just to say that to overcome the issue with metal rulers that “have a slight overlap before the measurements start”, I instead use e.g. Hi there Barry, I'm looking everywhere for help. Many thanks, If you really want to improve the tone of your uke, … The first step I took was to measure the action on my ukulele. I too have felt that it may be the uke resonating. I’d try judiciously applied hot water.

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