As the context of Ephesians 4 makes clear, the equipping there is much more than simply giving people skills for teaching, evangelism, or other ministries in the local church. Another way of describing the results of lowliness is with the term forbearance. Both are the result of the work of the Spirit in our lives. But before we look at how to maintain the unity of the Spirit in verse 2, we need to make sure we know what it is. Four years ago one of our Hennepin District Court judges was censured for ten engagements with a 26-year-old prostitute. 2. When The Sun Finally Rises: Wrestling With The Past (Gen. 32:22-32), 2. You must get … Christian lowliness is a disposition to think lowly of ourselves and highly of Christ. How should Christians respond to critical race theory? All believers are the called of God. Therefore, let's not be puffed up but lowly and meek. This is our destination. It is not created by the formation of central authorities or by the publication of human creeds. The purpose is maturity in Christ, being conformed to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. (1) The human body is first, an organic unity. But what I want to illustrate from this is the meaning of the word worthy. 2. So everyone in the church is going to believe the Bible and embrace the gospel. The Spirit is the origin of the unity we eagerly keep in the bond of peace. Again I will say, “Rejoice!” 5 Let your gentleness be known to all men. Unity is not a general spirit of friendliness or camaraderie. 4 Rejoice in the Lord always! The old has been done away in the this body. From a Meditation on Ephesians 4:1-6. Here is the unity of the Spirit, a unity of life, nature working itself out in love. This is an organic and a living unity by creation. It was not a good week for the Minnesota judiciary. The Greek word translated “unity” is “henotees” and is used only in verses 3 and 13 of Eph. And let's not be impatient or resentful, but long-suffering and forgiving. The word comes from apto, "to touch." Paul is not naïve. If, as the Supreme Court said last week, the honor and privilege of being a District Court Judge should give the judge a passion for integrity, then how much more should the honor and privilege of being made a Christian shape our lives! How can you keep on caring about a person who doesn't like you? . the knowledge of the Son of God." God is the one he esteems. The unity of the Spirit will discover itself in prayer. Paul's answer: be lowly in spirit so that you can patiently endure their differences and their sins. In August of 2001 he was diagnosed with lung cancer and on August 29th, 2002 he went home to be with the Lord. Another word for "forbearing" is "enduring." Regarding the text: 1) Ephesians sets forth the church of Christ, God’s eternal purpose. I am saying that the value of the office should have kept the man from desecrating it. The judgeship will last a couple decades; our calling will last for ever. Every member of my body must have a communion with every other member of my body. The Unity of the Spirit. When hostility is replaced with love, we have a common care for each other. Now when we go back to verse 2 to see how we maintain this unity, we see two stages of love. 2) Christ is the head, the king, 1:22-23. Unless we equip the laity to live all of life for God, Christianity will degenerate into mere religion." The parts do not look alike, they do not function alike, yet, they are all important, needed, interdependent, and all work toward the same end, the purposes for which each member was designed in the function of the body as directed by the head and in accord with the creative purpose of God. It means that we should recognize how much our place in God's favor deserves from us.

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