Citrus mites – Citrus mites are not damaging in small numbers, but large infestations can cause damage to young lime trees, with leaf stippling and deformed fruit. And in a year I get may be one or two fruits that are very hard. Whats wrong with my lemon tree? If the leaves are a washed out uniform yellow color, the tree could need to be fed or you may have an issue with water. I'm not sure how old they are, but I do know that they have not been properly maintained over the last 10 years. Views: 441, Replies: 3 » Jump to the end. Tag Archives: whats wrong with my citrus tree. Whats wrong with my citrus tree? The nitrogen in fertilizer (the first number) is used by the plant to produce the green color of the leaves. Hi, my fiancé and I are preparing to move into our new home. fremont_gardener. 10 years ago. You could have a few things going on. Also, if you use a lot of lawn food or Weed and Feed, you are affecting the health of your tree. What's wrong with my citrus? There are several citrus trees in the back yard. Posted on March 10, 2019 by Angelo (admin) Why do apparently healthy looking citrus trees suddenly start deteriorating in a matter of days, with leaves curling then dropping, branches dying back, eventually resulting in the loss of the tree? Could this be a nutrient deficiency? My Citrus Tree’s leaves are turning yellow, what’s wrong? I think we had a mite infection and I sprayed with neem oil. Citrus have shallow roots and your tree is in the middle of grass. My citrus tree's leaves are yellow and drooping. I planted it next to my lawn and it appeared to grow well for a year. I'm a newbie gardener, This is my first post in this forum. It lost many of its leaves and I'm worried it's dying. Asked February 19, 2014, 8:28 PM EST. I haven't seen mites or webs in a while but it still seems to be really struggling. I have a five year old Satsuma mandarin tree in a large pot that stays on the patio spring, summer and fall and overwinters in our greenhouse. artistsway1 May 4, 2017 12:44 PM CST. Thank you! As far as fruit trees go, citrus tend to be the low-fuss member of the team; but when curling citrus leaves appear, you’ll need to intervene. It could be the grass is competing with the tree for water and winning. My fiancé thinks they are dead, but I don't think so. Use a miticide spray or neem oil on all parts of the tree to control these lime tree pests. Citrus plants are bright, fun additions to the patio or landscape (and even indoors), providing a gardener with a steady supply of sweet and tart fruits with little regular care. Most of the new leaves that are growing in are curling, yellowing and dying. Citrus Problems – Why Is My Citrus Tree Dying? The leaves of lime trees infested with citrus mites have an etched, silvery appearance or become spotted with yellow necrotic regions. After that it started loosing leaves, flowers occasionally. It bears a good crop of fruit and is loaded now but the leaves are starting to curl, yellow and look like bites are being taken out of them. I bought a Meyer lemon tree from the nursery 4 years back.

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