Is religion really that important in our society. For millions of people around the world, religion is paramount to their individual and collective identity, and an important factor in how they live their lives. Why Religion Is Important 1028 Words | 5 Pages. Similarly, religion is as old as the mankind. However, understanding religion in the broad sense highlights the following important points about it in society: Cultural Identity. An exploration of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or any other major religion is beyond the scope of this essay. Today, religion has assumed a more narrow-minded approach. There have been many studies done that confirm that people less and less believe in god or follow any particular religion. Though there are good and worthwhile issues related to religion, they are also equally damaging to human society. With the advancement of technology and science a society can consider them modern but cannot find real peace prosperity. Religion is a culture with a specific set of practices, views, ethics, texts, holy places, and prophecies. Religion plays a crucial role for a person in giving a cultural identity. Religion, by and large, represents society’s attempts to answer those questions. Religion can serve the dual role of ideology as well as institution. But not everyone agrees that this is best for society. Importance of Religion. Three-quarters of U.S. adults say religion is at least “somewhat” important in their lives, with more than half (53%) saying it is “very” important. Religion can also serve as a filter for examining other issues in society and other components of a culture. There are many religions in the world, and these have enormous psychological control over humans. The origins of religious beliefs in our ancestors remain uncertain, yet according to anthropologists the great world religions started as the movements of enlightenment and revitalization for communities seeking more comprehensive answers to their problems. especially in small-scale societies. It is Just Hypocrisy And Deception Followers of religious beliefs trust pastors, monks, priests, rabbis and imams to provide them with faith-based leadership and act as a conduit between the believers and the supernatural God(s). Religion is very important for a society to find peace and prosperity at the same time. The reason why religion plays an important role in any society indeed rests on the major roles it plays in society. Here are three reasons why religion is good for society and three more reasons why it may not be as good as we think. A number of religious people are dropping astronomically, especially in developed countries. Unarguably religion has been a significant aspect of our society and culture since the beginning of human civilisation. Why is Religion Important to society? Well, not anymore. The chapter also examines Americans’ views on religion and salvation, religion and modernity, and religion and morality. For example, after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, it became important for teachers, church leaders, and the media to educate Americans about Islam to prevent stereotyping and to promote religious tolerance. Religious values are very important in the society because it … From the review of why religion plays such an important role in any society, it is evident that it is not easy to detach society from religion.

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