3. At Quinta Mazatlan, we thank the Golden-fronted Woodpecker for creating homes! The common open-country woodpecker of eastern Mexico and northern Central America. I probably get more questions from non-birder friends and acquaintances about woodpeckers than about any other type of birds. A stripe-backed woodpecker of Mexico and Central America, the Golden-fronted Woodpecker reaches the United States only in the brushlands and open woodlands of Texas and Oklahoma. SE Texas Birding & Wildlife Watching Jeff Mohamed blogs about birds and other wildlife in the Houston area - and occasionally farther afield. More ID Info Range map provided by Birds of the World Explore Maps Similar in appearance and behavior to its relative, the Red-bellied Woodpecker. It crosses the border mainly in southern Texas, where it is very common, noisy, and conspicuous. California to central Texas. An Eastern Screech Owl in a nest hole made by a woodpecker at Quinta Mazatlán. Follow Quinta Mazatlán on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube @QuintaMazatlan to learn more about our natural heritage in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. Gil provides the following information: Ladder-backed woodpecker: The female has a black crown, and the male has a red crown (with spots). Houston Area Woodpeckers . PHOTO CAPTIONS: 1. https://bigyear.reporternews.com/2019/07/15/golden-fronted-woodpecker This is a common species found in most of Mexico, and in the U.S. in dry wooded and riparian habitats across the southwest from s.e. 2. Monday, September 30, 2013.

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