$6.00. Many of these tools only accommodate certain types of blades.I am having both Spyderco Tri Angle and Lansky Sharpening Systems.But personally,I prefer Lansky Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening System. I'm replacing my Lansky with a Sharpmaker. I tried one on a passaround. Spyderco's state-of-the-art sharpening system and accessories can help give you the edge you need. ... Diamond or CBN is an option with the Sharpmaker as well, ... an S30V Sebenza's blade to a thinner edge angle. Since the Sharpmaker is 3-4x more expensive than the Crock Sticks I think it’s a valid question. I am guessing that some readers will want some guidance on whether to buy the Crock Sticks or Sharpmaker. $17.00. Lansky crockstick vs Idahone V-type vs Spyderco Sharpmaker. Simple is the key word: it’s portable, easy to understand, and easy to master. Tri-Angle™ Stone Medium. Tri-Angle™ Stone Fine. Both the Sharpmaker and the Lansky … The Sharpmaker is very nice for touch ups, there's less set up involved, it can re-profile the edge if you buy the diamond stones (though steels like ZDP189 still take awhile), and it has a bit less of a learning curve. I did that just to gauge how useful the sharpener was; it worked pretty well in that job. I've used the Sharpmaker to sharpen s30v, s90v, vg10, 3cr9mov (i think) and 154cm. been using the spyderco for well over 20 years works as good as any.normal sharping is 5 strokes with each set of stones and back in biss. The Sharpmaker is what made Spyderco a household name in the cutlery industry. Pick the angle you want, set in the rods and start grinding the edge. Begin with about 10 – 15 passes for each of the edge sides on the brown rod and move on to the white rods. The Lansky has 4 angles opposed to the Sharpmakers 2 but the Lansky usues a clamp that will sometimes scratch the blade and it's awkward to sharpen small blades with. Run the knife edge through the rod and repeat the process. The Lansky does more angles than the Sharpmaker, is cheaper, has more grits available (for additional $), and it's better for reprofiling. If you want something different or more versatile, the Lansky Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening System would make a good choice. Not their knives, but this simple portable sharpener. Lansky Crock Sticks vs. Spyderco Sharpmaker. Before Spyderco ever made knives, ... Tri-Angle Sharpmaker® DVD. $17.00. The Sharpmaker is cleverly designed to be self-contained – all the parts fit inside the case, which opens up to become the base.

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