Mix well. Combine all the ingredients in a clean sterilised jar. 9 /10 Using a Microplane zester, zest 3 yuzu into a small bowl (for about 1 tsp zest. (Leftover dressing keeps in the fridge for at least a week.) 60ml yuzu juice 60ml rice vinegar 125ml Japanese soy sauce 30ml mirin ½ cup dried bonita flakes 1 piece of kombu Optional: grate a bit of yuzu zest into the mixture as well. Slowly whisk in olive oil. For the sushi zu: Combine the sugar, vinegar and salt in a small saucepot. Remove the rice from the cooker or saucepan to a large glass or wooden bowl with a wooden paddle. Drizzle some of the yuzu dressing over the rice and stir well, so the rice is lightly flavoured but not wet. Heat just until dissolved. THOUGHTS A tablespoon of soy sauce and/or a teaspoon of minced ginger make flavorful additions to this dressing too. Ponzu sauce is traditionally made with Japanese citrus fruits such as yuzu, sudachi or kabosu, but these can be substituted with a blend of regular lemon and lime juice. Rice wine vinegar is the same as rice vinegar, it just goes by different names sometimes! METHOD. Put into fridge overnight or for up to a week for the ingredients to meld. Then, juice all 6 yuzu, adding 2 tablespoons to the zest. ** Add miso, vinegar and sesame oil to the bowl.

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