- Quality responsible on automotive project

Décembre, 2015 - Novembre, 2017
Qualité (gestion de la)
Secteur d'activité: 
Type de mission: 
Management de transition
Contexte et Objectifs de la mission: 
For “response to project”, a JV composed of a large automotive group and a start-up was created to design and industrialize a high-end hybrid vehicle. The purpose of the mission was to provide the new JV with a methodology; organization and quality animation during the pre-project and study phases.
Résultats obtenus: 
After passing the preliminary and feasibility milestones, the project was stopped due to lack of economic convergence. All quality processes were operational.
Détail des actions réalisées : 
To write the quality plan and the main quality processes. • Definition of quality targets and resources • Implementation of design robustness processes • Definition of quality requirements • Animation of all quality processes: Dashboard, training plan, confidentiality plan, risk management, document management, etc. • Implementation of the QMS.
Lieu de la mission: