- Product and process assessement for commercial vehicles

Octobre, 2018
Qualité (gestion de la)
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Type de mission: 
Conseil et expertise
Contexte et Objectifs de la mission: 
A large number of commercial vehicles are sent to transformers for dedicated adaptation to specific needs of customers. The target is to guarantee that the transformed vehicle will fit all safety and regulation requirement.
Résultats obtenus: 
A specific product and process grid has been developed, and about 15 transformers have been audited with this dedicated tool. Weak points have been focused and corrective action proposed.
Détail des actions réalisées : 
To study all the specific requirement for each family of transformation, To write a specific product and process grid of qualification, to validate this tool with all concerned party; to use this method in different transformer’s company, to share experience ad advices to improve the situation if needed
Lieu de la mission: